Application Due Date: July 31 st 2019

Bring your science based start-up to the next level!
Maximise the capacity of your growing start-up with a fast-track Afro-Swiss velocity program

If you are a business owner with scholastic background or a start-up from a Sub-Saharan African development center in the field of Mobile health, Pharmacometrics, Ingenious Funding or Digital Liberal arts (understanding transfer) then sign up with the Swiss Africa Service and Development Effort.

If you believe your task needs to get an increase, use till July 31 st.

The Swiss Africa Service Development Effort (SABII) intends to increase the entrepreneurial knowledge and direct exposure of Sub-Saharan college students– business owners looking for development chances by using a distinct program bringing business owners to development hotspot in Addis Ababa and Switzerland.

Used complimentary of charge to enthusiastic young business owners with scholastic background, this extremely competitive program makes up a 3-days workshop for sophisticated development business owners, and for the leading 8 prospects, a 4 days extreme company advancement program in the Swiss start-up and company community.

Open to finish trainees– business owners and start-ups from Sub-Saharan African development centers, with a strong link to academic community, establishing product and services in the fields of mobile health, pharmacometrics, ingenious funding and digital liberal arts (understanding transfer).
Your task or business should be based upon research study or innovation established at a regional university/research institute.

3-days workshop in Addis Abeba
Day 1: Find out to provide a distinct client worth and specify a striking company strategy
Day 2: Forming a winning group and safe and secure financing for development
Day 3: Master a persuading pitch and specific training sessions.
Discussion to an African– Swiss jury and choice of 8 prospects for a 4-days action loaded entrepreneurial advancement week in Switzerland.


The program is complimentary of charge. Lodging costs on website in Addis Ababa are covered by the program.

For the Swiss week, flights, transportation and lodging in Switzerland will likewise be covered by the program.

For more info please contact Markus Rommel ([email protected]).

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