Application Due Date: June 28 th 2019

The Takeda Award targets young business owners or entrepreneurial people who challenge technological or social requirements in the real life. The Takeda Structure thinks that the difficult activities of young people attempting to deal with genuine technological and social requirements will result in the development of products and services that improve the wellness of individuals throughout the world, which is the objective of the Structure.

The Recipient will be picked from amongst the prospects who make an application for.
the Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award. Prospects need to send an.
application paper explaining the background of the targeted problem, and.
his/her concepts for an option to deal with that problem in 1000 words or.
less with figures (within 3 pages). They are likewise asked for to send a.
supporting report (in 300 words or less) composed by a person who.
gets take advantage of the option.

The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award will be provided to the people who are pursuing the most innovative and appealing tasks with a high capacity for improving the well being of individuals at the website. The Takeda Structure will pick the very best Business owner and 5 Business owners. The recipient of the very best Business owner Award will get a diploma, plaque and financial reward of 1,000,000 Japanese yen. Each recipient of the Business owner Award will get a diploma, plaque and a financial reward of 200,000 Japanese yen.

The Takeda Structure waits for the elections or self-applications of young people who challenge technological or social requirements to improve the well being of individuals throughout the world.

Contents of Application: need to consist of the products noted below.

1) Candidate Info need to be consisted of in the application.

2) The application consists of Task Description which should.
consist of the following products (within 1000 English words in overall).
Figures or tables can be connected if they are within 3 pages.

( a) Background (Technological or/and social requirements, and social effect)

( b) Solutions (Technical options and company design, competitiveness with other options, benefits (benefits/cost), and so on)

( c) Effort (How.
seriously are you associated with your task? What are the turning points for.
this task? Do you anticipate any public funds? Have you arranged any.
groups to establish your task?)

3) Supporting report: Please ask recipients (a minimum of one) to explain within 300 words the kinds and degree of advantage she or he anticipates to get when your task is attained. Please remember that supporting reports are not a suggestion letter from your coach. They are reports from people who will get gain from your task. If you produce products or service, then customers will be your recipients.

Choice procedure:

1. The choice includes file assessment and an online person.
discussion by the picked prospects. The online specific discussion will be kept in October.

2. The choice outcomes will be revealed in early November his year.

3. The granting event and workshop will be kept in February,2020


Application Duration: April 1 to June 28, 2019


1. Candidate: Anybody who is under 40 years of ages since April 1, this year, despite gender,
association, and citizenship.

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