Application Due Date: 09 November 2018

The department provides bursaries to formerly drawback South African people; the function of the program is to develop an efficient system for constant advancement of certified prospects for future visits and movement in both the general public and economic sector.


The Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) program looks for to accomplish the following goals:

  • Enhance youth advancement
  • Establish a culture of high quality long-lasting knowing within Department of Environmental Affairs

Application Treatment:

Factor to consider will be provided to formerly disadvantaged and individuals with special needs who are South African people and have actually effectively finished their very first year of undergraduate research study or those who are presently signed up for postgraduate research studies. Nevertheless, highly determined applications from first-year trainees within the above discussed disciplines will likewise be thought about. The optimum quantity of the bursary is R4000 0.00

All applications need to be accompanied by the following files:

  • Inspiration regarding why the bursary need to be granted to you.
  • Qualified copies of certifications and current scholastic records
  • Qualified copies of Identity File (Candidate and the both moms and dads or guardian)
  • Approval letter from very first year trainees
  • Evidence of registration (if currently registered with the organization of greater knowing)
  • Evidence of moms and dads or guardian’s earnings
  • Should be a South African resident
  • Evidence if moms and dads are deceased
  • Affidavit if moms and dads are not working

Fields of Research Study:

Biodiversity and Preservation (Ref: BC/01/2019)
  • BSc/ B-Tech/ MTech/ Honours/ Masters/ Postgraduate/ PhD Biological Sciences; Microbiology; Plant Pathology; Molecular Biology and Genes)
  • BSc/ B-Tech/ M-Tech/ Honours/ Masters/ Postgraduate/ PhD (Environmental Management; Location; Biological Sciences and Meteorology)
  • ND/ Bachelor’ sdegree/ BTech/ MTech/ Honours / Masters/ Postgraduate/ PhD Environmental Science/ Management, Location, Town and Regional Preparation, Advancement Researches, Soil Sciences, or Natural Sciences; Marine health
  • Bachelor’s Degree/ B-Tech/ M-Tech/ Honours/ Masters/ Post-graduate/ PhD (Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Management, Environmental Preparation)
  • Bachelor’s Degree/ BTech/ MTech/ Honours/ Masters/ Postgraduate/ PhD (Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Botany, Zoology Preservation management and Biodiversity preservation)
  • Bachelor’s degree/ National Diploma/ BTech/ MTech/ Honours/ Masters/ Postgraduate/ PhD in Environmental Science/Management, Location, Town and Regional Preparation, Advancement Researches, Soil Sciences, or Natural Sciences
  • National Diploma, B-Tech/Bcom, Honours, Masters/MBA Resource Economics (Ecology, CBNRM, organisation management & administration)
  • Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree social sciences, Honours, Masters Social sciences (neighborhood)
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters Zoology/ Ecology/ Environmental Preservation
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters BHCS Heritage and Cultural Research Studies
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Honours, Masters Cultural and Natural Deposit Management
  • National Diploma, Degree, Honours, Masters BSc Nature Preservation
Chemicals and Waste Management (Ref: CWM/01/2019)
  • ND/ B Degree/ Hons/ MSc/ MTech Environmental Science
  • B Degree/ Honours/ MSc/ MTech Environmental Management
  • B Degree/ Hons/ MSc/ MTech Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry
  • B Degree/ Hons/ MSc/ MTech Biochemistry or Microbiology
  • B Degree/ Honours/ MSc/ MTech Waste Management
  • B Degree/ Hons/ MSc/ MTech Environmental Health
  • B Degree/ Hons/ M Sc/ MA Location
  • B Degree/ ND/ Hons/ M Sc Environmental Economics
  • MSc Natural Sciences (Biology/ Zoology / Botany/ Ecology/ Physiology/ Applied Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Endocrinology/ Entomology)
Chief Operating Officer (Ref: COO/01/2019)
  • ND/ BSc/ Honours/ Masters Environmental Science/ Environmental Management
  • Bachelor s degree/ Honours/ Masters/ PhD Environmental Tracking, Compliance, Enforcement and Control
  • Degree, honours, masters Environment modification and sustainability management
  • Honours, masters, PhD Environmental research study and advancement
  • Degree, Honours, Masters, PhD Environmental Engineering
  • Degree, honours, masters Environmental Health
  • Degree Danger Management
  • ND/ Degree Internal Audit
  • Degree Details Management/ Details Systems
  • Post-graduate Public Administration/ Public Management/ Governance
Environment Modification and Air Quality Management and Sustainbaility Management (Ref: CCAQ/01/2019)
  • BSc/ ND Environmental Science
  • BSc/ ND Environmental Management
  • ND/ B Degree Earth Science
  • ND/ B Degree Life Sciences
  • ND/ B Degree Preservation
  • B Sc Chemistry
  • ND/ B Degree Hydrology
Ecological Programs (Ref: EP/01/2019)
  • BSc (Botany/ Zoology/ Molecular Biology/ Genes/ Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Environmental Science)
  • ND/ Degree Forensic Science
  • ND/ Degree Industrial and Applied Biotechnology
  • ND/ Degree Crop and Gardening Science
  • B Sc: ConsEcol
  • B Sc: Environmental Science (Biological Resources/ Water Resources/ Individuals and the Environment/ Environmental Economics/ Environmental Law
  • ND/ BTech: Forestry
  • ND/ BTech Nature Preservation
  • BSc Biological Sciences
  • LLM: Law of agreements/ Procedural Law
Legal Authorisations and Enforcement (Ref: LACE/01/2019)
  • LLB (Significant courses Administrative law, legal preparing)
  • LLM
  • B.A Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management (learning Animal and wildlife management)
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc learning Location
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management learning Environmental Effect Evaluation
  • BSc Chemistry, Botany
Oceans and Coast (Ref: OC/01/2019)
  • ND/B Tech/ B Sc Hons/ M Sc/ PhD: Marine Science
  • B Sc Zoology
  • B Sc Environmental Economics
  • B-Tech/ M Tech: Oceanography
  • B Sc Environmental Science/ Management
  • PhD: Taxonomy (Zooplankton/ Phytoplankton)
  • B Sc/ B Sc Hons/ M Sc/ PhD: Marine Remote Picking Up
  • B Degree Coastal Management
  • B Degree Town and Regional preparation
  • B Degree Social Advancement Research Studies

Application and advert:

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