Application Due Date: 10 May 2019

The EY NextWave Data Science Obstacle is a worldwide competitors for trainees thinking about information science who wish to make a distinction. EY is trying to find people to evaluate real-world issues through information and make findings that will assist develop a much better operating world.

By taking part in the EY NextWave Data Science Obstacle, you will get to refine your technical abilities, establish brand-new know-how and, if you succeed, win an internship or cash prize and acquire public acknowledgment for your accomplishments. You will likewise be assisting to develop a much better operating world. Are you up for the difficulty?


This competitors is open to groups of approximately 2 trainees who are.
presently registered in a full-time or part-time scholastic program that.
lives in among the individual countries/regions:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • UK
  • United States


EY is using the winner/s in each country/region a paid internship with EY’s Information Analytics group *. In addition, the leading 3 worldwide finalists will get a financial benefit:

  • Top place: US$ 8,000
  • 2nd location: US$ 5,000
  • 3rd location: US$ 2,000

The difficulty:

  • The difficulty subject can be discovered in the platform, and it is linked to developing a much better operating world.
  • On 1 April, we will release all difficulty information, consisting of a dataset including big quantities of details.
  • Your.
    job will be to design historic information utilizing your understanding of information.
    science, advanced analytics tools and methods while basing your.
    observations on the information offered. We motivate you to utilize externally.
    offered information to support your forecasts and designs.

Contending in your area and internationally

will contend at both a country/region and a worldwide level. Dynamic.
rankings will show the precision of your forecasts. Your outcomes.
will be compared to those of other individuals, both within your.
country/region and worldwide.

Providing your work

As Soon As.
the competitors closes, the leading entertainers in each country/region (there.
will be a minimum of 3) will be welcomed to provide their findings.
to the regional EY management group. They will be asked to provide a.
discussion, which must cover:

  • Method and understanding of the issue, consisting of algorithms utilized and information sources
  • Findings and patterns
  • Opportunities to enhance specific and group efficiency
  • Proposed applications for the information findings within sport and/ or health

Country/region winners

regional EY management group will rank these discussions to examine the.
depth of your analysis, the quality of your insights and your capability to.
interact your concepts, to name a few abilities. The individual or group.
with the greatest rating will be the winner of the nation competitors.
See nation awards listed below.

Worldwide winners

The 3 country/region winners with the greatest rankings in the difficulty will be welcomed to EY’s head office in New york city City to meet the company’s executive management group.


  • The competitors platform is currently open for registration: Click on this link to gain access to
  • .

  • The difficulty subject will be released here on 1 March, however will not be offered for enrolment till 1 April
  • The difficulty will start on 1 April
  • The difficulty will close on 10 May
  • Last rankings will be released right after closure
  • Since 11 May, leading entertainers in each country/region (a minimum of 3, depending upon the nation) will be welcomed to provide their operate in an award event that is hosted by the regional EY management group. This occasion will happen in May, with the date being set by each country/region on a private basis.
  • The worldwide award event for the 3 worldwide winners of the difficulty will remain in New york city City, U.S.A. on June 14.


For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Website of the 2019 EY NextWave Data Science Obstacle

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