Application Due Date: October 27, 2018

The International South Environment Scholarships for Youth will cover all expenses of travel (to and from global tickets), lodging, visa, travel insurance coverage charge, food, regional transportation and other expenses for the chosen candidates to take part both in t he UNFCCC’s 24 rd Conference of Celebrations (POLICE 24) and the 14 th Conference of Youth (COY 14) in Katowice, Poland in December 2018, likewise offering the chosen candidates with online Capability Structure Training sessions about the procedure, prior to their travel to Katowice.


Have all your costs covered for taking part at the 24 th UNFCCC Conference of Celebrations (POLICE24) and the 14 th Conference of Youth 14 (COY14)
The financing advantages cover the following:

  • Expenses for all global and domestic flight tickets
  • Expenses sustained throughout the visa application procedure
  • Expenses of lodging for about 18 days (from 28 November 2018 to 15 December 2018– the period consisting of COY14 and POLICE24) in Katowice, Poland
  • Expenses of food for the whole period, travel insurance coverage, regional transportation and any other sensible expense dur the the remain in Poland.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be qualified for International South Environment Scholarships for youth, you, as a candidate, should make sure that:

  • You are under 35 years of age on 31 October 2018
  • If chosen, you will be offered to sign up with the 14 th Conference of Youth (COY14) and the 24 th Conference of Celebrations of UNFCCC (POLICE24) in Katowice, Poland for the complete period (from about 27 November 2018 to 15 December 2018) and will likewise engage proactively in the preparation stage causing activities in Katowice.
  • — Able to protect an official registration (called “accreditation”) from the UNFCCC in order to participate in both weeks of POLICE24 Accreditation can just be offered by “confessed observer companies” ( or federal governments. Without accreditation, it is not possible for you to participate in POLICE24 and therefore have the ability to take part in the GSCSY. If you are associated with an NGO or federal government that can offer you with accreditation, please suggest this at the asked for point in your application.
  • If you are unable to offer your own source of accreditation, then you are still welcome to request the GSCSY, however your eligibility will rest upon the GSCSY Group having the ability to discover a source of accreditation in your place. Please understand that all accreditations are strictly managed by the UNFCCC, and as such, the GSCSY group CAN NOT assurance having the ability to discover you accreditation for POLICE24(and if we can not discover it, then any applications without it will regrettably be disqualified). Thank you for your understanding.
    — And you guarantee us that, you will be offered to take a trip to Poland for the complete period of COY14 and POLICE24– from 26 November 2018 till 16 December 2018 and will likewise have the ability to get participated in the preparatory stage online!
  • Your application can be counted as void if:
    — your information are incorrect/incomplete and/ or the application has apparent errors,
    — actions surpass the word limitations,
    — incorrect declarations are offered,

For Additional Information:

Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the Global South Environment Scholarships for Youth


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