Application Due Date: Might 1st 2019

The Rockefeller Structure Bellagio Center Residency Program provides academics, artists, believed leaders, policymakers, and professionals a tranquil setting favorable to focused, goal-oriented work, and the exceptional chance to develop brand-new connections with fellow homeowners from a broad selection of backgrounds, disciplines, and locations.

The Structure’s Bellagio Residency Program has a performance history for supporting the generation of essential brand-new understanding resolving a few of the most complicated problems facing our world, and ingenious brand-new masterpieces that motivate reflection and understanding of international and social problems.

The Bellagio Center Arts & Literary Arts Residency

The Bellagio Arts & Literary Arts residency is for authors, fiction and non-fiction authors, playwrights, poets, video/filmmakers, dancers, artists, and visual artists who share in the Structure’s objective of promoting the wellness of mankind and whose work is motivated by or associates with international or social problems. The residency is for artists looking for time for disciplined work, reflection, and collegial engagement with a varied neighborhood of academics, professionals, and artist

The Bellagio Center Academic Composing Residency

The Academic Composing residency is for university and.
believe tank-based academics, scientists, teachers, and researchers.
operating in any discipline. Effective candidates will show.
years of considerable expert contributions to their field or program.
proof of being on a strong upward trajectory for those earlier in.
their professions.


Space projects are made at the time of invite. All spaces have a personal bath. A lot of spaces have an adjacent research study, however some spaces have a research study situated inside the Rental property or in the woody park adjacent the Rental property. Studios have a desk, chair, and a light. There is likewise a printer offered. Depending upon schedule, homeowners can ask for a notebook computer.

Meals: Throughout the course of the residency, space and.
board are supplied without charge. The environment at the Center is.
rather like a personal house, albeit a large one. The Center does.
not run as a hotel and as such has restrictions on particular services.
( for instance, space service is not offered).

All meals for homeowners are served at the Rental property.

Breakfast: English breakfast begins at 7: 30 a.m.
to 9: 00 a.m. and a bigger buffet-style breakfast is taken at your.
benefit in between 8: 00 a.m. and ending at 9: 00 a.m.
Lunch: 1: 00 p.m. sharp (ending at 2: 00 p.m.). If you choose, you can ask for a picnic bag in the early morning to consider lunch.
Tea Time (optional): 4: 00 p.m. (ending at 5: 00 p.m.) in the Group Space.
Cocktails: 7: 00 p.m. to 7: 30 pm
Supper: served quickly at 7: 30 p.m. (ending at 8: 30 p.m.). Homeowners are anticipated to participate in supper.

For Additional Information:

See the Authorities Website of the Rockefeller Structure Bellagio Center Residency Program 2019/2020

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