At The Scholarship System, one of our core beliefs is to avoid student loan debt or limit it to the lowest amount possible. While sometimes it can be inevitable, we always stress that there are two sides to graduating debt-free: reducing the amount of money needed and earning debt-free money to cover what you do need.

This scholarship opportunity is designed to help with the latter part of the equation, while challenging students to consider the importance of limiting student loan debt and their plan-of-action to do so.

My Desire to Graduate Without Student Loan Debt

I will never forget watching Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in school. He told multiple stories of families completely buried in debt, including his own family at one time. This made me terrified of debt and, from that moment on, I vowed to avoid debt as much as possible, including student loan Scholarship Opportunitydebt.

From 15 years old, I always had a part-time job. I allowed myself $50 from each paycheck and then socked away the rest in a bank account. I continued working all the way through high school and college to help cover expenses. But there were other tricks I learned – like ways to cut my costs in college and how to secure scholarships to cover the rest.

Ultimately, I did whatever I needed to in order to avoid student loan debt. And because of that, I’ve been able to own my car outright, purchase a rental property, travel all around the world, and solely focus on helping others through The Scholarship System.

That’s why I want to help others work towards a debt-free education, both through The Scholarship System course and our annual scholarships. I am ecstatic that we are able to do this for the second year in a row (and give out more money this time!)

The Scholarship System Annual Scholarship Opportunity

We’re proud to offer our annual scholarship for incoming freshmen and current college students. There are two separate scholarships available:

Scholarship applications are due Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 11:59PM PST. The winners will be announced by July 22nd.

With this scholarship, we hope to reward students who are actively working towards a debt-free education. Even if you have had to borrow for college, we want to hear your plans, goals, and thought-process on succeeding in college while limiting student debt as much as possible.

How to Apply for The Scholarship Opportunity

Here are the requirements to apply to The Scholarship System 2018 Annual Scholarship Opportunity.

  • Essays must be your own work.
  • Applicants must either be enrolled or actively applying for enrollment to an undergraduate program for the Fall 2018 semester. Students at technical, community, and four-year colleges may apply.
  • All entries must be received by July 8, 2018 at 11:59PM PST.
  • Applicants must fill out the application entirely.
  • Award amounts will be one (1) $500 scholarship to a non-member student and two (2) $600 scholarship awards for course member recipients.

For Non-Members

We will award one (1) $500 scholarship award to the non-member student who best demonstrates their plan to graduate with as little debt as possible. This includes both past and future efforts to help pay for college.

Students must submit the application below by the deadline, including submitting any supplemental materials.

Anyone who meets all criteria above and is not a member of the online course is eligible to apply.

For The Scholarship System Course Members

We will award two (2) $600 scholarship awards to students who are a member of The Scholarship System online course and demonstrates their plan to graduate with as little debt as possible. This includes both past and future efforts to help pay for college. The best applicants will successfully implement the strategies discussed in the course as well.

Course member students must submit the application below by the deadline, including submitting any supplemental materials. The password has been shared in our private members-only Facebook group as well as emailed out to each member.

Anyone who is a course member prior to the due date and meeting any other criteria is eligible to apply.

Action Items

While student loan debt may seem like there is no way around it, there are many ways to limit the amount you have to borrow. Your plan of action with student debt could possibly lead to you more money with this scholarship!

If you know anyone who is heading to college this fall or already in college, share this scholarship opportunity with them!

The Scholarship System Annual Scholarship Winners

The winner of the The Scholarship System’s 2nd Annual Scholarship (2017-2018) for Non-Members was Jeremiah C.

For our Members-Only Scholarship, we awarded Jacob H., Alexis H., and Lea M..

scholarship winner  Scholarship winner  scholarship winner  

The winners of the The Scholarship System’s 1st Annual Scholarship (2016-2017) were Kelsey C. and Suzanne K.


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