Application Due Date: October 1, 2019 (11: 59 PM ET)

The 2019 World Bank Group Youth Top Competitors obstacles young social business owners to send ingenious propositions for scalable business that take advantage of wise innovation to construct sustainable and inclusive cities that will serve the requirements of 1 million individuals by 2030.

The World Bank Group wishes to speak with young changemakers around the world on how we can take advantage of the development of cities for more sustainable and inclusive neighborhoods.

By 2030, two-thirds of the world’s population will reside in cities,.
with most of development in establishing nations. Cities are.
extraordinary centers of chance, however likewise provide a few of the most.
complex and pushing obstacles of our time. Everybody has a function to play.
to deal with these obstacles– federal governments, worldwide companies,.
non-profits, regional neighborhoods, and people– however nobody is much better.
positioned than youths to innovate and conquer the barriers dealt with in.
a period of hectic, technology-driven modification.

The 2019 Youth Top Competitors challenges youths to harness wise innovation to:

  1. Attend to the increasing effects of environment modification and contamination in cities; and/or
  2. Promote inclusive financial development.

The competitors supplies an online forum for youths to determine issues in their neighborhoods and craft ingenious options for smarter and more durable cities. It intends to promote entrepreneurial issue resolving and develop discussion on ingenious methods to open barriers that have actually typically impeded financial investment in wise cities.

Do you have a concept that has the capability to take advantage of innovation to construct sustainable and inclusive cities to favorably affect your neighborhood, your nation, and/or society at big? The 2019 Youth Top Competitors supplies the chance to share your concept, get in touch with peers and top-level specialists, and check out how to bring your concept to the next level


The competitors is open to people or groups of as much as 4 individuals aged 18 to 35, from all over the world. Prior entrepreneurial experience or service background is not needed– all youth with the drive to innovate are motivated to take part, consisting of specialists, trainees and academics, NGO leaders, federal government authorities and start-up creators.


Finalists will sign up with the 2019 Youth Top at the World Bank.
head office in Washington, DC. Travel expenditures will be covered.
consisting of lodging for as much as 3 nights for one agent from.
each finalist group.

Candidates need to propose an ingenious and action-oriented concept leveraging information innovation to deal with contamination and environment modification, or assist in the addition of the metropolitan bad in cities.

proposed option (i) can be targeted at service or service (e.g.
item, service, program, effort, and so on), (ii) need to fix a.
particular issue declaration or difficulty, (iii) discusses the proposition’s.
proof-of-concept and effect to date; and (iv) addresses a minimum of among the wise and durable cities subthemes in the 2 pillars listed below.

Pillar 1: Tackle Contamination and Environment Modification Pillar 2: Inclusive Economic Development
· Environment modification avoidance and mitigation · Environment durability and adjustment, consisting of catastrophe danger management in metropolitan and casual settlements · Decrease or management of metropolitan contamination, consisting of air contamination, water contamination and waste management · Urban transport and blockage · Green cities and green metropolitan areas · Take advantage of the casual economy for task production and income advancement · Labor market durability of the metropolitan bad working in markets going through automation · Addition of ladies, minorities and the handicapped in social and monetary services · Peer-to-peer sharing innovations · Political, social and financial empowerment of the metropolitan bad

Phase 1– Send your Proposition ( Due Date: October 1, 2019)

Individuals need to send their proposition by October 1,2019
Propositions will be examined by a professional committee. Shortlisted.
individuals/teams will be revealed by early November and will continue.
to the next phase.

Phase 2– Improve your Concept & Prepare your Pitch ( November 2019)

shortlisted in Phase 1 will get feedback on their propositions and may.
be asked to send additional details, fine-tune their propositions and/or.
send brief pitching videos. The professional committee will pick finalists.
who will continue to Phase 3.

Phase 3– Pitch your Concept at the 2019 Youth Top ( 2-3 December 2019)

will sign up with the 2019 Youth Top at the World Bank head office in.
Washington, DC. Travel expenditures will be covered consisting of lodging for up.
to 3 nights for one agent from each finalist group.
Finalists will display their propositions on the 2nd day of the Top,.
pitching their proposition in front of an evaluating panel, participating in.
delegates, and a live-streamed online audience. One winner will be.
chosen by the evaluating panel, and another winner will be elected by.
the audience.

How to Use:

Follow the following actions to get in the 2019 Youth Top Competitors:

1. Guarantee you fulfill the Eligibility Requirements:

— The Competitors is open to people or groups of 1-4 individuals, aged 18 to 35 since 11: 59 pm ET on October 1, 2019.

— Groups and people are restricted to one submission each.

Active World Bank Group personnel consisting of experts and interns.
are not qualified to take part in the Competitors (active personnel at the.
time of the submission up till the closing of the 2019 Youth Top).

2. Prepare a proposition describing your concept, abiding by the following submission guidelines:

— Propositions need to be developed and owned by the individuals.

— Propositions need to be sent in English.

–. Propositions will supply an ingenious and action-oriented service or.
policy concept that leverages innovation to construct sustainable and inclusive.

— The issue and the proposed option laid out by propositions need to:

  1. Associate with a minimum of among the subthemes laid out above.
  2. Use to a least one customer nation of the World Bank Group

— Propositions need to:

  1. Supply a brief 2-5 sentence summary of the concept;-LRB- **************).
  2. Explain the particular problem/need that the proposed option looks for to deal with; and
  3. Explain.
    the development or option proposed to resolve this particular.
    problem/need (e.g. an item, service, program, policy, course,.
    effort, and so on).

— Propositions will be evaluated on the following evaluating requirements:

  1. Clearness, scope and significance of the issue and of the proposed option;
  2. Development and creativity;
  3. Expediency of application and sustainability gradually;
  4. Possible for effect; and
  5. Compliance with competitors requirements.

Please describe the Competitors Conditions for additional details about the evaluating requirements.

— Propositions need to be in between 1,000- 2,500 words in length ( consisting of.
all bodies of text, titles, headings, tables, textboxes, footnotes,.
endnotes, referrals, appendices, and so on) and need to not surpass 4 pages in.

— The following details should be offered at the top of the very first page of propositions:

  1. The.
    names and particular nations of citizenship of the individual( s)–.
    for groups, all staff member’ names and particular nations of.
    citizenship will be noted;
  2. The last word count (all-encompassing).

3. Read and guarantee you accept the Competitors Conditions

To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the World Bank Group Youth Top 2019 competitors

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