Are you a young adult thinking about establishing your management abilities through a long-lasting mentorship program? If yes, then the Dalai Lama Fellows Program is for you. The Dalai Lama Fellows (DLF) experience is an immersive, year-long dedication that coaches each Fellow through a management curriculum motivated by excellent leaders like the Dalai Lama. Previous fellows, Fashoranti Damilola and Roseline Adewuyi wish to share pointers on looking for the Dalai Lama Fellowship program which they have actually belonged to.

The Fellowship uses emerging leaders a strenuous, interdisciplinary program on methods to be a various sort of leader, a leader that links and takes care of self, extends real empathy to others, and works for our typical mankind. Fellows cultivate practices in mind training for increasing self-awareness, self-care and durability, for getting in touch with others and working throughout distinctions, and in structure options for generations to come.

Emphasize of Their Experiences

Damilola Fasoranti is an acclaimed social business owners in Nigeria that co-creates grassroots development centers (makerspaces) that assists any neighborhood kids and youth to turn their understanding, abilities and skills into social options.

Roseline Adebimpe Adewuyi is a postgraduate trainee at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is enthusiastic about gender advocacy and education. She has actually constantly been zealous about the improvement of the female gender and inclusive education for the woman kid through a number of Non Governmental Organizations with comparable visions in the nation.

Roseline: The Dalai Lama fellowship program is a program that truly made me comprehend management at a much deeper level. It likewise made me to comprehend the value of self-care, being thoughtful and conscious as a leader, understanding one’s inner worths and a lot more.

With the hustling and busy of the world, the value of meditation was strengthened in me. Throughout the program, we have access to online knowing platform where we get to find out various subjects (varying from psychological intelligence to comprehending predispositions, to boost our individual management journey. Till now, it has actually truly assisted me to comprehend myself much better in my management journey. You can learn more on my experience here

Recommendations to Applicants

Crucial Note: Prior to you begin your application, please get time to check out and completely comprehend what the Dalai Lama Fellowship is everything about. Inspect to see if you certify to use (for instance, checked out the eligibility requirements, and so on).

Constantly keep in mind to keep within the word or time frame for each concern. Be clear in your actions, go directly to the point and prevent making unneeded repeatings.

The Dalai Lama Fellowship Application is divided into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: General Application
  • Phase 2: Skype Interview


You will be asked to complete a kind which consists of more of your individual background information, some essay concerns, your resume/CV, one suggestion letter and a video.

  • What is your bigger vision for social modification? How does your task suited this vision? What is the objective of the task? What would be the some perfect results, both in the short-term and the long-lasting? (Optimum 350 Words)

You know that there vary issues in your instant neighborhood so you need to select the one you are truly enthusiastic about. It is likewise recommended that you select what resonates with the goal and goals of the Dalai Lama fellowship program (of which you will dedicate to executing for the year).

You will then uphold your points on why this is a concern all over the world by utilizing data. Afterwards, you will create your own vision from the issue/problem you have actually determined. Then, you will describe plainly how your proposed task will assist in relieving this issue that you have actually specified. Here, we are discussing proposed options to the issues you discussed. You will need to be encouraging on how your task suits your vision.

State the objective which is more like the “how” of the task and what you want to accomplish. Go on and describe how this is a requirement worldwide then enhance it to the requirement in your neighborhood. You will likewise describe the results which is more like the modifications you want to see or that your tasks will generate the next 5 years and long term objectives which is beyond 5 years. Make sure to plainly describe each part of the concerns above in a paragraph.

  • How have you established understanding and experience around the neighborhood and the concern that your task is concentrated on? What is your relationship to this neighborhood, the length of time have you dealt with the neighborhood members, and what do you understand about the concern as it connects to this neighborhood? ( Maximun 350 Words)

For this fellowship program, note that it is anticipated that you understand and you live or probably have actually resided in the neighborhood where you wish to execute your proposed task.

It is very important to point out the name of the neighborhood, for instance– (For Damilola), Afon Neighborhood, Asa City Government, Kwara State, Nigeria was my proposed area of execution. (For Roseline), Akinyele City Government, Ibadan, Nigeria.

You need to reveal that you have actually established understanding and experience on the task by plainly specifying your observations of the issues in your neighborhood. It is anticipated that you ought to make sure that your proposed task is a requirement in your neighborhood and you ought to have the ability to almost inform how you found that requirement.

You should have a previous relationship to this neighborhood, possibly your state of origin of state or home.

For example in my case (Damilola), I have actually been working and residing in that neighborhood for more than 1 year (and had actually operated in a neighbouring neighborhood a couple of years prior to using). For Roseline, it was her state of origin and she has actually been living there for the previous one year prior to she obtained the program.

You require to reveal at this phase that you are truly familiarized with this neighborhood and have perhaps in the past have contact with the neighborhood occupants. The DLF comprehends the value of stakeholders so they desire you to reveal that you understand the neighborhood all right and can quickly have access to stakeholders that will contribute to the success of your task. This can be revealed by specifying how you have actually dealt with them in the past on one task or the other.

  • Please explain your intent for wishing to be a Dalai Lama Fellow. What draws you to our curriculum and to our neighborhood? What do you want to add to our international neighborhood? What qualities and abilities are you aiming to cultivate and why? ( Please specify and individual in your action) ( Optimum 350 Words)

Here, you need to succinctly reveal yourself on why you wish to be a Dalai Lama fellow. We in some cases do have various objectives.

Let this be transported towards how the program will assist you scale up your social task. For example, for Roseline, it was generally enhanced understanding on what she does and how she will be a much better implementer of her tasks when she is back to her nation. Likewise, how conference other leaders from various parts of the world will assist in comprehending distinctions much better.

Once Again, it is very important for you to research the fellowship program( even on their social networks platforms) to understand what it truly requires and why you feel your individual management yearnings lines up with the curriculum of the Dalai Lama fellowship

At this phase, you may do research on the program and testaments of past individuals to understand more about the program. The hand, heart and head curriculum ought to likewise be comprehended in order for you to weave your responses around that. You might then describe what you want to accomplish in your international neighborhood.

Here, you need to specify and individual in your action, you need to highlight abilities that you think you will cultivate throughout the management program in positioning with your individual management experience.

Some unclear actions will not fly. If you can share the phase in which you remain in your individual development and how you feel the program can particularly assist you progress, then share that.

You will be asked to inform a life story on any style.

The concern is “Explain a time when somebody challenged your worths or core beliefs and made you believe in a different way about them. How did you react? How did this experience assistance you to grow as a leader’ (Optimum 3 minutes).

All of us have various stories, this is a time to show well on how your life journey has actually been and experiences that stuck out for you that capture this concern.

You own your story and you understand how finest to inform it. Be positive and share your story like you are talking to a good friend (at the exact same time, be expert about it)

Inform your story convincingly and make certain it responds to each concern asked above.

At this phase, you need to prepare well as you will need to declare what you composed in your essays. Guarantee you bring your storytelling abilities into practice here since you will be informed to discuss some elements of your life journey.

The very best to do at the phase is to be honest and genuine with your actions. Speak from the heart, you do not require to stuff anything to effectively scale through this phase.

Nevertheless, you need to comprehend interview characteristics and be prepared. For Roseline, this was among the most interesting interview she has actually had in her life and she should confess some concerns were truly intellectually deep and one simply needs to contemplate on deeply adequate to be able to address them.

You likewise need to prepare well to comprehend the characteristics of this program especially what head, hand and heart curriculum is everything about. You need to persuade the recruiter that you are exceptional adequate to represent your nation.

Then perhaps you may be provided an excerpt from a book to check out prior to the interview. Succeed to comprehend completely enough prior to the interview. If it assists, you can talk about the book with somebody around you to get a much better understanding.

Similarly prior to the interview, you may be asked to deal with a task timeline (to share your task strategies and results) prior to that day, succeed to deal with that also.

If you reside in an area with unsteady web and power, it is recommended to sign in to a place with a more powerful web and completely charged gadget so regarding have a smooth interview.

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