Application Due Date: 30 APRIL2019

The Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft and the Chair of Spatial Preparation and Method will promote the 6th edition of the Summer season School Preparation and Style with Water for Sustainability in July2019


The Summer season School integrates spatial preparation, metropolitan style and.
ecological innovation to deal with problems of sustainability, environment.
adjustment and water management in metropolitan environments. It welcomes.
trainees to comprehend the theories and practices that unite.
water management, metropolitan sustainability and spatial justice and to use.
the understanding obtained in the elaboration of a vision and a spatial strategy.
and style for a location in the city of The Hague in The Netherlands.

The Summer season School concentrates on the UN Sustainable Advancement Goals ( SDGs) and The New Urban Program, released in Quito in 2016 as structures for sustainable urbanisation.

The objective of the Summer season School is to check out the Dutch custom
of preparation and style with water and the combination of water.
management and sustainability into metropolitan advancement within the.
structure of the Sustainable Advancement Objectives and the New Urban Program.

The Summer season School is led by the Delft University of Innovation, in.
cooperation with nationwide and worldwide partners, consisting of the.
City of The Hague, the Dutch Ministry of Facilities and the.
Environment, the Dutch Delta Program, ARCADIS, Deltares and others.
personal and public partners.

This school consists of website gos to, talks with experts and academics and a brief studio-based workout, where trainees and instructors will check out possibilities through the elaboration of a spatial vision, the style of a spatial technique and spatial interventions in the city of the Hague, situated in among the most crucial Urbanised Delta Areas of the world.

TU Delft Sub-Saharan Africa Summertime School Scholarship 2019

This scholarship is meant for passport holders of nations in.
Sub-Saharan Africa in between 22 and 28 years of age, studying in the.
following locations:

  1. Architecture
  2. Urban style
  3. Spatial preparation (town, metropolitan and local preparation)
  4. Ecological engineering
  5. Water engineering
  6. Urban law and management
  7. Governments
  8. Public administration
  9. Locations that have a close relationship with preparation and style of sustainable cities and neighborhoods.

You need to follow the guidelines thoroughly in order to make an application for.
the scholarship. If you stop working to provide among the products needed, we.
will not have the ability to take your candidateship into account.

The scholarship consists of

  1. A round-trip ticket in between your native land and Amsterdam.
    The ticket will be arranged and purchased by TU Delft upon choice of.
    the prospect and the approving of a Dutch visa.
  2. The costs for the SummerSchool (400 euros) will be waived.
  3. A percentage of spending money, enough for meals and transportation throughout 20 days in the Netherlands.
  4. Lodging throughout your stay (you may be housed with a TU Delft trainee throughout the duration of the Summer season School).

The scholarship does not consist of

  1. The cost for the Dutch visa in your nation.
  2. Your medical insurance (obligatory for trainees concerning.
    the Netherlands. Please, ask us for guidelines on how to get a.
    health insurance coverage).
  3. Any additional expenses sustaining from your stay (journeys, transfers or.
    other activities not consisted of in the Summer season School program, consisting of.
    fines arising from breaches of the law, damage to others and.
    mishaps. You need to be guaranteed).

If you have any concerns, please contact Roberto Rocco at

To Find Out More:

Go To the Authorities Website of the TU Delft Sub-Saharan Africa Summertime School Scholarship 2019

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