Application Due Date: August 25 th 2019

Turkish Airline Companies (TA) Skylife 3rdInternational Photography Contest“. The contest is arranged by Turkish Airline companies, and will be performed by Turkish Airline companies.

Are you all set to inform the whole world about your world,.
viewpoint, sensations, what you see, your viewpoint, what you understand and.
hear? How about welcoming individuals from all throughout the world to this.
journey of find? Turkish Airline companies’ world-spanning photography.
contest is beginning.Held in 2015 under the style of “The.
City and the Kid” and got involved by 9,300 photos assessed by.
a global jury, the stunning contest’s style this year is.
” Discover.”.

Objective of the Contest

Flying to more nations than any other airline company on the planet from Istanbul which functions as a bridge in between the East and the West, Turkish Airline companies brings various locations, cultures and neighborhoods together. Countless minutes wait for to be checked out in numerous corners of the world. There’s a procedure of expedition for all individuals despite their age, home town, occupation, or instructions in life. The expedition itself is a journey that lasts a life time.

This contest intends to combine photography lovers from all throughout the world through expedition and to welcome the whole world to “try to find expeditions.

Topic of the Contest

” Discover”

The choice of photos will concentrate on a message of interest that bears wish for the future through the discovery of joy, happiness, unhappiness, hope, nature, the world, the past, and the future. Discovery is not almost a clinical or historical discovery of a fact or finding. Discovery is a specific journey, viewpoint, and awareness. It’s a method and an end that ought to be utilized to produce a much better world. The photos ought to show this function.

Conditions of Involvement

a. Involvement to the contest is totally free of charge.

b. All individuals should be of the age of 18.

c. All professional photographers, amateur or expert, might obtain the contest. Members of the Executive Committee, Contest Secretariat and the Jury members and TSFS agent, and their first-degree family members might not get involved.

d. Photos processed with particular Photoshop or comparable software application results (e.g. water color filter, and so on), leaving out photographic treatments such as light, contrast, color, grain, and so on that would not interrupt its qualities, photos acquired by combining numerous photos, and digitally-manipulated photos will be disqualified. The jury will have sole discretion on this matter.

e. Each entrant might get involved with optimum 4 (4) Digital Color or Black & White photos.

f. Individuals acknowledge, state and carry out that they totally own the photos they will publish to the website for the contest, and all pertinent consents are acquired. Any action to the contrary will be thought about as an infraction of the guidelines.

g. Any intervention or adjustment by candidates, intending to deceive the evaluation committee by providing another individual’s photo as their own work will be thought about as an infraction of guidelines.

h. Candidates breaching the guidelines will go through the sanctions offered in the “FIAPContest Company Requirement Standards” E.pdf

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the Turkish Airline Companies (TA) Skylife 3rd International Photography Contest 2019

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