Deadline: May 19, 2022

Applications for the TWAS-Elsevier Foundation Project Grants for Gender Equity and Climate Action 2022 are now open. This is a new program established in response to the dual need to support women’s well-being through capacity-building of female scientists and respond to the causes and consequences of climate change with concrete action-based projects, under the umbrella of the “climate action” SDG.

The program is community-focused: a competitive, open call for applications will consider projects that respond to the needs of, and to the development requirements, of the applicants’ community and/or national or regional context in one of the 66 scientifically and technologically lagging country (STLCs).

The TWAS-Elsevier Foundation Project Grants Program for Gender Equity and Climate Action aims to:

  • Promote gender equality by creating opportunities for women in climate action projects that take them outside the lab, enabling them to deepen their scientific skills, while acquiring, through training, soft skills such as project management and leadership.
  • Respond to and tackle communities’ needs in ways that are in line with the principles of sustainable development, focusing on the brunt of climatic changes.
  • Effectively transfer knowledge from scientific research to real-life scenarios for practical and tangible change under the umbrella of the “climate action” SDG.


  • The project grant is designed to be flexible and modular, with a total value in the $24,000 – $25,000 range. It will allow for a variety of expenses within a three-year timescale, as long as these are clearly justified by the work tasks.


  • The principal applicant and project leader must be a woman scientist, holding a PhD, living and working in a scientifically and technologically lagging country, employed at a university or research institute. The program does not require a direct involvement of the university or of the research institute in the project. Proof of current employment will be asked to shortlisted candidates.
  • Submission of an action-based project with a direct impact on the community of a scientifically and technologically lagging country, with a primary focus on climate action (SDG 13) and secondary focus on gender equality (SDG 5).
  • There is no age limitation for this program.
  • The principal applicant will work in group with up to four (4) additional secondary applicants, also women, who are either scientists or technical experts in a field relevant to the project, from any developing country. The technical expertise would complement the work of the scientist(s) and thus enhance the potential of the team. The team must not include more than five (5) members in total.
  • Projects in any area with enough relevance to climate change and gender equality are eligible.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.


  • Your application will be assessed primarily based on the quality and feasibility of your project proposal, the evidence of your proposed impact on gender and climate change, and the nature of your collaborations with others. It will also be assessed based on evidence of your scientific merit.
  • Evidence of prior community work, outreach, civic engagement, or local leadership is not required, yet would be an added advantage.


Upon application, candidates are required to share the following mandatory documents:

  • A full budget in USD covering the whole duration of the project in Excel to be attached to the application form.
  • Necessary documentation to prove eligibility for the program needs to be uploaded as an attachment to the application form:
    • Passport or National Identity Document (of Principal Applicant and all co-applicants)
    • PhD Certificate (for Principal Applicant only)
    • Proof of employment at the university or research institution (for Principal Applicant only)
    • A partnership declaration signed by all team members

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For more information, visit TWAS-Elsevier Foundation.

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