Due Date: June 30, 2019

Applications are open for the TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 2019/2020 The Fellowships are provided to young researchers from establishing nations (besides Pakistan) who want to pursue postdoctoral research study in physical sciences in departments and labs of the National Centre for Physics (NCP) in Islamabad.

TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Fellowships are tenable in the departments and labs of the National Centre for Physics (NCP) for a minimum duration of 6 months to an optimal duration of twelve months in among the following fields of physics: Plasma Physics, High Energy Physics (Speculative and Theoretical), Quantum Info, Applications of Ion Beam Strategies utilizing Tandem Accelerator (5MV), Earthquake Research Studies, Atomic Physics & Spectroscopy, Laser Caused Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Modeling, Simulation & Computing, Astrophysics & Cosmology, Nano Sciences (Catalysis & Surface Area Sciences, Nano Product Fabrication & Applications, Nano Biotechnology, Nano Medicines), Vacuum Science & Innovation (Vacuum Standards, Vacuum Finish & Product), and Radiation-Matter Interaction, Product Science and Nanotechnology.


  • NCP will supply a regular monthly stipend which needs to be utilized to cover living expenses such as food, lodging and medical insurance. The regular monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency.


  • Candidates need to be long-term locals in an establishing nation (besides Pakistan);-LRB- ***************).
  • Needs to not hold any visa for short-term or long-term residency in Pakistan or any industrialized nation;-LRB- ***************).
  • Hold a PhD degree in a field of lives sciences;-LRB- ***************).
  • Request the fellowship within 5 years of having actually acquired a PhD degree in a field of the lives sciences;-LRB- ***************).
  • Be frequently utilized in an establishing nation (besides Pakistan) and hold a research study project there;-LRB- ***************).
  • Offer a certificate of health from a certified medical physician;-LRB- ***************).
  • Offer a main Approval Letter from NCP. Ask for approval need to be sent out to the Director of the Partnership & Academic Activities Department (CAAD) ([email protected]) who will help with project of a host manager. In calling the Director, CAAD, candidates need to accompany their ask for an Approval Letter with a copy of their CV and a research study proposition overview;-LRB- ***************).
  • Offer proof of efficiency in English, if medium of education was not English;-LRB- ***************).
  • Offer proof that s/he will go back to her/his house nation on conclusion of the fellowship;-LRB- ***************).
  • Not use up other tasks throughout the duration of her/his fellowship;-LRB- ***************).
  • Be economically accountable for any accompanying member of the family.


Candidates need to send an Approval Letter from NCP when using, or by the due date at the current. Without initial approval the application will not be thought about for choice. Applications for the TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Fellowship Program can JUST be sent to TWAS by means of the online website.

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For additional information, check out TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

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