Due Date: April 1, 2019

Applications are open for the UK Intelligence Neighborhood (IC) Postdoctoral Research Study Fellowship Program 2019 The Federal Government Workplace for Science uses the Postdoctoral Research study Fellowships to exceptional early profession science or engineering scientists.

These Fellowships are created to promote unclassified standard research study in locations of interest to the intelligence, security and defence neighborhoods. The Centre for Security of National Facilities, Department for Transportation, Defence Science and Innovation Lab, Office, and the National Cyber Security Centre are amongst the organisations represented in the UK Intelligence Neighborhood for the Postdoctoral Research Study Fellowships.

One round of applications is held yearly. Members of the Intelligence Neighborhood recognize research study subjects and Postdocs work in your area with University Research study Advisors to establish and send research study propositions that line up with the subjects.

Research Study Subjects

  • Optimisation of the scalable partitioning of intricate network charts for processing
  • Reliable markers for the detection of synthesised dangerous products in waste items
  • Usage of expert system to verify information and to automate correction of poor-quality information
  • Application of noticing networks for situational awareness and early detection of risks
  • Research study into enhanced approaches for trapped-ion magnetometer sensing units, detection and reporting
  • Opportunities and threats in the application of maker and deep knowing to security screening
  • Manageable and measurable approaches for real-time explosive vapor generation
  • Designing the impacts of mechanical tension for batteries in wearable applications
  • Pathogen functions in intricate illness and unattributable infections, medical diagnosis and mitigation
  • Ultra-narrowband transceiver style for long variety low power and low-profile interactions
  • Characterization of physics and approximations in city weather condition and climatic dispersion designs
  • Mathematical instinct in neural discovery and understanding (MINDU)
  • Building and examination of a compressive imaging system from a single indium gallium arsenide picture sensing unit
  • Quantum and optical sensing units
  • Discovering needles in haystacks– how can quantum sensing units assist enhance security screening


  • Each application for the Fellowships is topped at an optimum grant of ₤200,000 over a 2-year duration. An optional 3rd year of research study might be moneyed.


  • Research study Fellowships should be held at a UK college institution/university in a department that can reveal it can totally supporting the research study task and scientist
  • It is the duty of the candidate to reach the host organization and get the official approval from the appropriate Head of Department prior to sending an application
  • The proposed research study task should resolve among the subjects
  • Research study Fellowships are focused on early profession scientists. Candidates should have been granted their PhD no greater than 4 years prior to the submission due date, April 1,2019 If candidates have actually had maternity/paternity leave or other extenuating situation, this will be considered if the appropriate dates and information are offered within the application
  • PhD trainees are qualified to use, however should have been granted their PhD prior to they begin the Research study Fellowship or the deal will be withdrawn
  • Research study Fellowships should begin in between October 1, 2019 and December 1, 2019
  • The candidate should not hold a long-term scholastic position, e.g. speakers are not qualified
  • UK IC Postdoctoral Research study Fellows are needed to commit all their working time to the Research study Fellowship. The Research study Fellowship should be the Research study Fellow’s only source of work
  • Applicants have no citizenship constraints. The host organization of the research study fellowship will be accountable for protecting all needed work licenses and associated expenses
  • Applicants who have actually used to this plan prior to and were not successful are qualified to re-apply
  • No security vetting is needed as part of the Research study Fellowship plan, however by using to this plan the candidate is consenting to be vetted if it ends up being needed throughout the Research study Fellowship. Candidates are asked to state any reasons that they may not be qualified to operate in this location (see Declaration of Assistance and Statement in the application). For non-UK people, candidates must know that there is a 5-year constant residency requirement prior to the beginning of the Research study Fellowship
  • Any applications that are insufficient or do not abide by the standards will be declined


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