Due Date: January 30, 2019

Applications are open for the UN Sustainable Advancement Goals (SDG) Action Awards 2019 Every year, the UN SDG Action Awards acknowledge people, civil society companies, subnational federal governments, structures, networks, economic sector leaders who are advancing the worldwide motion for the Sustainable Advancement Goals in the most transformative, impactful and ingenious method.

Winners exist at a spectacular Awards Event on the opening night of the Worldwide Celebration of Action for Sustainable Advancement and their efforts and tasks highlighted throughout the year as a motivation and good example to the growing worldwide neighborhood of SDG leaders, decision-makers and influencers.

Award Classifications

  • Mobilizer: The project/team that shows the best successes with setting in motion people companies or networks for cumulative action for the SDGs
  • Writer: The most impactful or ingenious task to catch effective human stories to assist interact the interconnectedness of the SDGs in individuals’s lives through various mediums
  • Advocate: The most impactful or ingenious interactions project (local/national/international) to raise public awareness about the SDGs and/or individuals’s function in SDG action
  • Visualizer: The most impactful or ingenious effort utilizing visual or innovative representations of information to affect decision-makers and the general public of the significance of the SDGs
  • Adapter: The team/project that shows ingenious or impactful methods to engage several stakeholders or construct networks to produce the transformational modification required to make the SDGs a truth
  • Includer: The project/group that makes the most ingenious and impactful effort to make sure that omitted groups enter into the SDG discussion and choice making in their neighborhood or at global levels. Leave Nobody Behind!
  • Imaginative: The most impactful or ingenious effort that utilizes creative expression to stimulate SDG Action and awareness through imagination, empowering and linking individuals


  • Open to people, civil society companies, subnational federal governments, structures, networks, the economic sector and others who are SDG mobilizers, writers, advocates, ports, visualisers, includers or creatives from around the world.


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