Due Date: November 15, 2019

Applications for the Understanding Management Fund 2019 are now open. The Understanding Management Fund is the Understanding Platform’s instrument to economically support activities developing from its network. The small grants granted by the Fund use a low barrier to entry for ingenious, nimble and speculative propositions.

The goal of propositions is to diversify thinking and proof in the Security & Guideline of Law (SRoL) field, especially in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings (FCAS). The 2019 KMF thematic headings are Modification and Knowing Processes and Examining and Improving Policy. Each year, the Secretariat sets these headings following assessment with the KPSRL, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and the Netherlands Company for Scientific Research Study– Science for Global Advancement (NWO-WOTRO).

The thematic headings assist candidates to the KMF concentrate on results, and they show the fund’s particular included worth: resolving emerging top priority locations and feeding research study results and initial concepts into shows and policies. They are actively broad to leave as much scope as possible for candidates to produce understanding in their professional thematic and geographical locations.

The KMF is comprised of 3 hairs to which you might use: Occasions, Research Study, and Development. Each hair funds various sort of activities and efforts that, jointly, goal to produce initial insights to assist the Platform enhance the quality and uptake of understanding throughout its thematic locations.


  • The KMF is a EUR300,000 yearly fund that grants grants of as much as EUR15,000 for occasions, research study concepts and other efforts that add to enhancing the quality of understanding produced by the SRoL field, and its subsequent uptake.


  • The grant is open to any consortium or specific with the aspiration to enhance policies, programs or understanding in the field of security and guideline of law in delicate and dispute impacted nations. Think-tanks, (I) NGOs, academics, universities, economic sector companies, federal government organizations, reporters, independent scientists, information professionals, finding out specialists, and PhD prospects are all welcome to send propositions.
  • Collaborations in between people and companies are extremely motivated, especially collaborations that connect individuals from various worldwide areas.

Evaluation Criteria

All applications need to:

  • Discuss how the job lines up with among the Platform’s Thematic Headings
  • Explain the particular understanding and/or capability space to be resolved, and argue its seriousness
  • Explain how the job will be both distinct and appropriate to the SRoL field
  • Show a clear advantage to the bigger Platform neighborhood through recognizing a minimum of 2 available deliverables
  • Plainly specify the modification looked for and method to impact that modification
  • Show the aspiration to build on proposed job in the future
  • Have an initial concept or technique


Interested celebrations are asked to total the submission type All essential files can be discovered at the bottom of the page. All pertinent paperwork for applications can be connected through the type. If you have any concerns relating to the application procedure, please contact [email protected]

To learn more, see Frequently Asked Questions or see Understanding Management Fund

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