Due Date: February 26, 2019

Elections are open for the UNDP Equator Effort Reward 2019 The Equator Reward 2019 will be granted to impressive regional neighborhood and native individuals’ efforts that advance ingenious nature-based advancement services for environment modification mitigation and adjustment.

The winners will sign up with a prominent network of 223 leading community-based companies from 78 nations that have actually been granted the Equator Reward given that 2002.

Winning efforts will be honored for their successes in:

  • Securing, bring back and/or sustainably handling terrestrial and marine environments, and thus assist alleviate and adjust to environment modification by keeping environments undamaged, and/or
  • Promoting regional designs for climate-smart food and farming production systems, and/or
  • Advancing nature-based options to a carbon economy.


  • Each Equator Reward winner will get USD $10,000 and will be supported to take part in a series of policy discussions and unique occasions throughout the United Nations General Assembly and Environment Week in New York City, in September2019 The Equator Reward 2019 Award Event will accompany the UN Secretary-General’s Environment Top and the High-Level Political Online Forum on Sustainable Advancement.


To be qualified for the Equator Reward 2019:

  • The effort need to have remained in presence for a minimum of 3 years, and/or the actions taken need to have remained in location for a minimum of 3 years;-LRB- ***************).
  • The candidate need to be either a regional community-based effort, running in a backwoods, based in a nation getting assistance from the United Nations Advancement Program (for a list of qualified nations, please click here); or an effort led by native individuals in any nation, running in a backwoods;-LRB- ***************).
  • The actions taken by the candidate should be nature-based, and need to provide advantages associated with 2 or more Sustainable Advancement Objectives (SDGs).

Choice Requirements

Equator Reward 2019 winners will be picked by an independent Technical Advisory Committee, which will evaluate elections based upon the following requirements:

  • Effect: The degree to which the chosen effort has actually led to quantifiable and favorable ecological, social and financial effects that provide advantages towards the accomplishment of the Sustainable Advancement Objectives;-LRB- ***************).

  • Development: The degree to which the chosen effort shows brand-new techniques and designs that conquer dominating restraints, and might provide basically brand-new techniques to adjusting to and/or alleviating environment modification, while advancing regional sustainable advancement;-LRB- ***************).

  • Scalability and/or replicability: The degree to which the chosen effort might be scaled up sub-nationally or nationally and/or, the degree to which the effort can be reproduced within the nation and beyond;-LRB- ***************).

  • Durability, Versatility, and Self-Sufficiency: The degree to which the chosen effort shows versatility to ecological, social and financial modification, strength in the face of external pressures, and enhanced capability for regional self-sufficiency;-LRB- ***************).

  • Minimized inequalities: The degree to which the effort decreases inequalities in earnings in addition to those based upon age, sex, special needs, race, ethnic background, origin, religious beliefs or financial or other status, in specific for the bad;-LRB- ***************).

  • Social Addition: The degree to which the chosen effort consists of youth, seniors, native individuals, and other varied groups in the decision-making procedures and the actions that impact them;-LRB- ***************).

  • Gender Equality: The degree to which the chosen effort promotes the equality and empowerment of females and women.


Elections might be sent through the online election system If you are having technical problems, please contact [email protected]

For more details, go to Equator Reward

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