Application Due Date: June second 2019

The Alfred Fried Photography Award acknowledges and promotes professional photographers from all over the world whose images catch human efforts towards a serene world and the mission for charm and goodness in our lives. The award goes to those pictures that finest reveal the concept that our future depend on tranquil coexistence.

The Alfred Fried Photography.
Award, introduced in 2013, fills this space: it reveals the numerous elements of serenity.
It finishes the image of human beings by including their silver linings. It honours the images.
which outline successes instead of failures; of compassion instead of hatred;.
of things worth protecting instead of damage; of support instead of.
pain; and of the human right to charm.

The worldwide Alfred Fried Photography Award for the very best picture of peace is not an award for escapism, wildflower meadows and sundowns or an award for the sweetest smile, nor does it slam the useful reportage photography which by nature illustrates the torment of our world. It is, nevertheless, an award which motivates expert photographers to envision on the greatest level what motivates hope: from personal efforts to support refugees to significant advancement help; from photos of individual joy to examples of neighborhood spirit; from battling hardship to an effective nature preservation task; from allowed withdrawal to tranquil specific niches to a passionate disobedience versus oppression; from crucial advances in medication and in environmental management to the restoration of cities in ruins.

The Alfred Fried Photography Award commemorates the capability of human beings to be caring and helpful. Called after Alfred Fried (1864 to 1921), the Austrian Nobel Peace Reward holder, it commemorates all type of pacifism and disarmament of people and society as a whole.


The Alfred Fried Photography Award is open to all professional photographers from throughout the world..

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