Due Date: July 22, 2019

The Worldwide Alliance for Collaborations on Media and Details Literacy (GAPMIL) Youth Committee is requiring Youth Ambassadors as part of its techniques to operationalize the Youth Committee internationally. The Youth Ambassadors represent the GAPMIL Youth Committee; they are champs of Media and Details Literacy (MIL) from all areas of the world with a required to advance the worldwide MIL program.

Youth Ambassadors act in the interest of the GAPMIL Youth Committee and coordinate activities in their areas too at the nationwide and worldwide level. The GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors are developed according to UNESCO’s local structure (Africa, Arab States, Asia Pacific, Europe and The United States And Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean).

The Objective

The objective of Youth ambassador’s work is to add to the empowerment of youth by promoting the requirement for getting abilities, understanding and establish mindsets that will enhance their proficiencies in MIL. This set of proficiencies is essential for youths to be able to take part in decision-making procedures that will add to sustainable advancement in their particular areas.

The GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors will pursue this objective by working together and working together with functional partners and stakeholders in each Area to promote awareness of Media and Details Literacy amongst individuals specifically youth and add to training of youth. This might consist of cooperation with the range of companies and entities taken part in MIL, along with federal governments, regulative and self-regulatory bodies, NGOs, scholastic organizations, research study and economic sector entities and others.

They likewise provide assistance to the GAPMIL Youth Committee, the GAPMIL ISC and Regional Chapters (Chapters and Sub-chapters to produce awareness of advocacy actions to all residents about Media and Details Literacy proficiencies).

Functions/ Regards To Referral

  • Function as worldwide champs for Media and Details Literacy
  • Function as intermediary in between stakeholders and GAPMIL Youth Committee
  • Encourage numerous stakeholders to participate in empowering residents (specifically youth and kids) with proficiencies connected to MIL ( understanding, abilities and mindset)
  • With the promo of the GAPMIL Youth Committee, produce a Network of Youth Ambassadors for MIL, supporter for MIL Worldwide and link both online and offline with other Youth Ambassadors to team up, exchange and widen the work of GAPMIL.
  • Promote GAPMIL Youth Committee’s actions to numerous partners, such as worldwide companies, local and nation chapters of GAPMIL, federal governments, economic sector, NGOs, media and so on to set objectives and targets for youth MIL advancement and application and tracking of MIL activities.
  • Go to conferences and speak on behalf of GAPMIL Youth Committee (in cooperation and coordination with GAPMIL Youth Committee)
  • Promote Media and Details Literacy on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and participate in continuous UNESCO efforts and tasks that are MIL associated on social media networks, specifically MIL CLICKS.
  • Go to main conferences arranged by UNESCO and partners when there is a requirement. *

* Keep In Mind: GAPMIL Youth Ambassadors represent the GAPMIL Youth Committee and DO NOT represent UNESCO neither are they UNESCO Ambassadors and are not enabled to utilize UNESCO’s logo design


  • Applicants should be in between the ages of 16– 30.
  • Applicants should have the ability to interact in English language.
  • Applicants should be referred by a minimum of 2 individuals or companies in order to show proficiency and dedication to lead a worldwide procedure.
  • In choice of members, the Choice Committee consisted of GAPMIL Youth Committee members, will stabilize cultural and geographical representation internationally, and will search for variety in member’s background in regards to NGOs, print/broadcasting unions/associations and reporters’ associations, libraries, movie and video game companies.
  • Subscription of Youth Ambassadors should be gender-balanced, having 50 % of female and 50% male members.
  • Youth Ambassadors will be chosen for a set amount of time which will be a period of service of 2 years. This might be restored based upon dedication and efficiency. Examination will be done by task leaders.
  • Choice Committee will choose 12 Youth Ambassadors.
  • The Youth Ambassadors Network will be developed based upon volunteers. The call for Youth Ambassadors needs to be open, transparent, and on a first-come-first-served basis, bearing in mind the requirements explained above.


  • Show a strong desire to assist promote info, media and innovation proficiencies and produce ingenious methods of engaging youths in realisation of MIL efforts.
  • Be enthusiastic about empowering of residents with understanding and abilities to be able to seriously connect with info and media.
  • Needs to have skill in varied fields in media, info and library sciences, innovation, arts, sciences, literature, home entertainment, sport or fields of public life to be able to add to the accomplishments of GAPMIL objectives.
  • Needs to be proficient with the objectives and activities of GAPMIL and have determination to link, team up, exchange and widen the work of GAPMIL.
  • Show a sense of duty and management qualities to start, collaborate and execute activities connected to advancement of media and info literacy.
  • Show the dedication and tested capacity to connect to residents specifically youth and kids. Ambassadors should want to actively promote for MIL improvement on regional and worldwide level and to act.
  • Have the character and self-respect needed to promote for MIL internationally, show individual impact in their neighborhoods in relation to MIL and abilities for inclusive and ingenious management. Ambassadors ought to likewise show awareness of MIL advancement and associated problems in their communities/regions and internationally.
  • Needs to be associated to a company or youth company like NGOs, print/broadcasting unions/ associations and reporters’ associations, public and personal organizations or comparable others.
  • Experience in task application at local and/or worldwide level, and in operating in a multicultural environment.
  • Have check out the MIL CLICKS PACT here https://en.unesco.org/MILCLICKS and signed to devote to it here https://en.unesco.org/feedback/commitment-be-mil-clicker


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