Application Due Date: April 30 th 2019

The call for elections for the 5th edition of the UNESCO-Japan Reward on Education for Sustainable Advancement (ESD) is now open. The Reward each year rewards 3 exceptional jobs and programs promoting ESD with USD 50,000 each.

The UNESCO-Japan Reward was developed in 2014 in the structure of the SPACE, and is kindly moneyed by the Federal government of Japan. This year’s winners will be revealed by the Director-General of UNESCO in September. In addition to getting the financial award at a main event in Paris, all winners will be welcomed to sign up with the Partner Networks of the Worldwide Action Program on ESD.

Federal Governments of all Member States in addition to non-governmental.
companies (NGOs) in main collaboration with UNESCO are welcomed to.
choose approximately 3 people, organizations or companies engaged.
in ESD for the 2019 edition.

Elections should be composed in English or French and require to concentrate on a particular ESD job or program of the candidate. They will be evaluated by an independent jury of 5 global specialists on the basis of their capacity for improvement, combination and development. Tasks should have been running for a minimum of 4 years, currently reveal proof of a high effect, be quickly replicable and scalable and add to several of the 5 Top priority Action Locations of the Worldwide Action Program on ESD ( SPACE) in addition to to the Sustainable Advancement Objectives. Self-nominations are declined. Interested prospects are encouraged to get in touch with the National Commission for UNESCO in their nation, or an NGO in main collaboration with UNESCO.


Elections can be sent to the Director-General of UNESCO by Federal Governments of Member States by means of their Irreversible Delegation to UNESCO, and by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in main collaboration
with UNESCO. Each Irreversible Delegation or NGO can make up to 3.
elections for any edition of the Reward. Self-nominations are not.

Application Process:

1. Total the Online Election Type
The election kind should be finished online in English or French by means of a platform available through the UNESCO site at this link(for choosing entities just– the fields of the election kind can be seen here).

  • Elections should be finished online by the Permanent Delegation to UNESCO of the worried Member State, or by an NGO in main collaboration with UNESCO, through their main account.
  • It is possible for National Commissions to UNESCO
    to gain access to and finish the online kind. Nevertheless, any election by a.
    National Commission will require to be sent by the Permanent.
    Delegation to UNESCO of the particular Member State. An automated.
    notice message will be sent out to the main e-mail address of the.
    Delegation to this end.
  • If a National Commission or Permanent Delegation to UNESCO dreams.
    that the kind be finished digitally by the candidates, UNESCO can.
    produce a UNESTEAMS represent each candidate A demand ought to be sent out to (link sends out email) After.
    conclusion of the online kind by the candidate, the worried National.
    Commission and Permanent Delegation will get a notice email.
    and can examine the election prior to the Permanent Delegation sends to.
  • Attention must be paid to providing the project/programme of the candidate in a clear and structured method, following the directions given up the kind.
  • All supporting product(e.g. publications, images, videos) should be sent digitally through the online system.
  • While finishing the Type, please likewise remember that the project/programme will be evaluated by the Jury on the basis of the choice requirements

2. Send the Online Election Type

  • Elections need to be sent in the online system by the worried Permanent Delegations to UNESCO or the NGO by midnight of 30 April 2019( UTC +1, Paris time).
  • Kindly keep in mind that each Permanent Delegation or NGO might not send more than 3 elections.

The due date for submission is 30 April 2019 (midnight, Paris time). Elections should be sent at this link,.
just available to UNESCO Member States and NGOs in authorities.
collaboration. User guides for the online election platform in addition to.
replies to Regularly Asked Concerns can be discovered on the Reward site

For Additional Information:

Go To the Authorities Website of the UNESCO-Japan Reward 2019

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