Application Due Date: December 9th 2018

UNESCO MGIEP and ActionAid Arab Regional Effort will be arranging the 8th edition of the Talking Throughout Generations on Education as the primary launch occasion. Along the vision of setting in motion youth voices for addition in the greatest levels of policymaking procedures, the TAGe will combine, on an equivalent platform, 9 identified Arab youth and 3 senior choice makers to brood together and question each other on the style: Arab Youth: A Force for Great Particularly, they will ponder and share actionable concepts on education, youth civic engagement and avoidance of violent extremism.

From this call, UNESCO MGIEP and ActionAid Arab Area will choose 25 youth for the 3-day #YouthWagingPeace Young Peacebuilders’ Workshop, 11-14 December, Amman Jordan. 15 of the 25 chosen candidates will be from Jordan and 10 from the Middle East and Northern African nations. From this 25, 9 youth will be chosen to take part in the TAGe MENA occasion on the Authorities Release of the Arabic Variation of #YouthWagingPeace– Action Standards for PVEE on 10 December2018 Each chosen candidate may have the chance to be among the 9 TAGe youth in addition to part of the 3-day workshop.


Age: 18-35
• Needs to take part in the continuous online conversation and send an Act of Generosity for either SDG Objective 4/4.7 or 16
Should be from the Middle East and North Africa Area
• Location of know-how: Avoidance of Violent Extremism through education; dispute resolution, youth engagement, education policy, youth policy, inter-cultural discussion, gender-based violence/violent extremism, broad educator-peace-builder know-how. Particularly, the avoidance of violent extremism
Active– on the ground: need to be presently associated with the ‘location of know-how’ noted above. The candidate should be presently dealing with neighborhoods and stakeholders on the ground.
Influential: Extremely prominent and able to activate grassroots youth and neighborhood stakeholders in hundreds or thousands
• Great interaction in addition to assistance abilities (will need to go and train others!)
• Great social and social networks abilities
• Multilingual (Understanding of Arabic, English and French)


• Accepted candidates will get to discover brand-new abilities (vital questions abilities, socio-emotional proficiencies, assistance, stakeholder and resource mobilization abilities and so on) in addition to fulfill and interact(throughout the workshop in addition to execution of follow-on activities that will originate from the workshop) with fellow youth from the area in addition to the world on avoidance of violent extremism.
• UNESCO MGIEP and ActionAid Arab Regional Effort will assist in carrying out in addition to promoting the individual’s post-event follow-on activities
• Excellent applications and students may end up being #YouthWagingPeace fitness instructors who may be sent out to train others regionally/globally
• UNESCO MGIEP TAGe group will support the individual in arranging their own (individually arranged) TAGe occasion
• Post occasions task (monetary and technical) assistance to guarantee that the output is acted on
• Effective applications will enter into the UNESCO MGIEP and ActionAid Arab Area Collective of youth dealing with peace and sustainability

To Learn More:

See the Authorities Website of the YouthWagingPeace Young Peacebuilders’ Workshop 2018


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