Application Due Date: March 24 th 2019

The Conception Africa’s Futures task is introducing a require expressions of interest for regional champs in Africa. Regional champs are anticipated to be essential constituents of UNESCO and its partners’ effort to carry out research study in Futures Literacy by co-designing and co-running Futures Literacy Laboratories in their regional neighborhoods. Regional champs can be a group of driven people or organisations (see the ‘FLL-NP Requirements Summary’).

UNESCO is moving on with its partners to comprehend why and how individuals ‘utilize the future’.

Through the collective and interdisciplinary Conception Africa’s.
Futures (IAF) task, UNESCO and the OCP Structure are signing up with forces.
to alter the method the future is developed and utilized in Africa. IAF.
performs clinical research study into why and how individuals ‘use-the-future’ by.
carrying out model screening of Futures Literacy Laboratories (FLL) in.
Africa. Its goal: to show that by altering the method we approach the.
future, we can much better comprehend our present worries and hopes.

IAF is an uncommon and advanced research study task that is performing the.
‘ prototyping stage’ of the ‘development cycle’ where the model being.
evaluated is a particular type of Futures Literacy Lab, the Futures.
Literacy Lab– Novelty.

FLLs will be created to welcome, value and advance the insight capabilities of a varied series of regional stars– from decision-makers in federal government and company to regional neighborhood activists promoting youth and gender programs. FLLs will create brand-new and ingenious techniques, policies and networks to be used for Africa, by Africans.

Futures Literacy Laboratories (FLL) are presently in the prototyping stage of the development cycle. The goal of this stage is to check generalizable procedural objectives, guidelines and techniques that will in many circumstances guarantee that FLL accomplish the following goals:

  • revealing individuals’s anticipatory presumptions,
  • boosting their capability to utilize the future for various factors and.
    in various methods various contexts (this is what it suggests to.
    get the ability that is called Futures Literacy),
  • allowing them to ask brand-new concerns, and
  • enabling a much better understanding of what is FL and how to design/conduct FLL
  • expose Novelty instead of Forecasts: the shift Futures Literacy.
    recommends is from Anticipation-for-Future to Anticipation-for-Emergence.

Regional champs serve as the co-designers and organizers of FLLs and are for that reason essential constituents of the research study procedure.

The screening of FLL-NP throughout this prototyping stage will take place in 2 waves. The very first one will target initiation and co-design (Phases 1 & 2) with ‘regional champs’ throughout the Spring/Summer of 2019 in order to run the Laboratory (Phases 3 & 4) throughout the early Fall2019 The 2nd wave will release in the Fall 2019, with the goal of running more Labs in the Winter Season of2019 In overall it is anticipated that the IAF task will carry out 5 unique FLL-NP tests as part of the preparation for finalisation of an FLL-N prepared for basic usage.

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Download the description of what is a Futures Literacy Laboratory-Novelty (FLL-N):

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For Additional Information:

See the Authorities Website of the UNESCO Require expressions of interest to end up being a regional champ in Futures Literacy in Africa

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