Due Date: August 30, 2019

The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) at the University of Cape Town welcomes applications for Master’s Research study in Live Art, Interdisciplinary and Public Art from 2020/2021

The ICA is an interdisciplinary institute in the University of Cape Town’s Liberal arts Professors that helps with brand-new collective research study tasks, especially in the Innovative and Carrying Out Arts. Interdisciplinarity, Live Art and Public Spheres are essential styles of the Institute, and tasks are imbued with development, cooperation and a discussion with urbanism and neighborhood.


  • The scholarships is valued at R100,000 per year. Scholarships are for a two-year duration: 2020-2021 The MA degree need to be finished at the end of2021 There are 4 scholarships readily available.


  • Choreographers, visual artists, entertainers, directors, authors, managers along with innovative and carrying out arts scientists are all welcomed to use.

Research Study Focus:

  • Interdisciplinary discussions, inclusive of such hybrid kinds as site-specific efficiency, mixed-media efficiency, post-dramatic theatre, modern dance, live art (or efficiency art), efficiency curation.
  • Interdisciplinary research study in relation to cultural and socio-political contexts.

Websites for research study consist of:

  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation
  • Efficiency Art/ Live Art
  • Live Art in South Africa and other parts of the African continent
  • Decolonial imaginaries, the decolonial body and the body as text and website of contestation
  • Spectatorship and relationships with watching, audience participation
  • Website uniqueness and the innovative and carrying out arts
  • The development of Public Spheres: open gain access to areas for the development and reception of innovative and carrying out arts occasions and discourse.


All trainees will be needed to participate in a routine Workshop Program throughout the year along with a Studio Program for the very first term of their degree. Trainees might choose to do the degree by Composed Thesis or a Practice-Based Program including Practical Results (Performances/Installations/Exhibitions for instance) and Composed Explication. Trainees will be based at the ICA, at UCT’s Hiddingh School, Gardens, Cape Town with co-ordination by Professors Jay Pather and Mark Fleishman.


All candidates will be needed to send an Expression of Interest consisted of the following:

  • Call, Surname, Citizenship, Address, Contact Numbers, Passport/ID number and Email
  • CV
  • Proposed Research Study Location and Thesis (max 300 words)
    Indicate whether you want to pursue the research study even if your application for a complete scholarship is not successful

Once the choice committee has actually examined the Expressions of Interest, the ICA will approach a shortlist of prospects to send an official application with a complete proposition.

For additional information, see Masters at University of Cape Town

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