Due Date: September 22, 2019

Applications and elections for the 2020 International Instructor Reward are now open. The International Instructor Reward is a United States $1million dollar award, provided each year to an extraordinary instructor who has actually made an impressive contribution to the occupation. The Varkey Structure developed the reward in 2014, to identify and commemorate the effect that instructors have worldwide– not just on their trainees, however on the neighborhoods around them.

The Varkey Structure thinks that dynamic education awakens and supports the complete capacity of youths. Thanks to inspiring instructors, trainees establish the abilities and understanding that they require to lead effective lives and favorably effect the world.


  • A chosen instructor will get a Reward of United States $1 million.


  • The Reward is open to presently working instructors who teach kids that remain in mandatory education, or are in between the ages of 5 and eighteen.
  • Educators who teach kids age 4+ in an Early Years government-recognised curriculum are likewise qualified, as are instructors who teach on a part-time basis, and instructors of online courses.
  • Educators should invest a minimum of 10 hours each week mentor kids in person, and strategy to stay in the mentor occupation for the next 5 years.
  • The Reward is open to instructors in every type of school and, based on regional laws, in every nation on the planet.


Applicants for the International Instructor Reward will be evaluated on a strenuous set of requirements to recognize an amazing instructor who has actually made an impressive contribution to the occupation. The Academy will try to find proof of a mix of:

  • Utilizing efficient educational practices that are replicable and scalable to affect the quality of education worldwide.
  • Utilizing ingenious educational practices that resolve the specific difficulties of the school, neighborhood or nation and which have actually revealed enough proof to recommend they might be efficient in attending to such difficulties in a brand-new method.
  • Attaining verifiable trainee finding out results in the class.
  • Effect in the neighborhood beyond the class that supply distinct and prominent designs of quality for the mentor occupation and others.
  • Assisting kids end up being international residents through supplying them with a values-based education that equips them for a world where they will possibly live, work and hang out with individuals from various citizenships, cultures and religious beliefs.
  • Improving the mentor occupation through assisting to raise the bar of mentor, sharing finest practice, and assisting coworkers get rid of any difficulties they deal with in their school.
  • Instructor acknowledgment from federal governments, nationwide mentor organisations, head-teachers, coworkers, members of the broader neighborhood or students.

The winner will be picked by the popular International Instructor Reward Academy comprised of head-teachers, instructional specialists, analysts, reporters, public authorities, tech business owners, business directors and researchers from worldwide.


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