Due Date: November 10, 2019

Do you wish to construct a much better future? Get the Wege Reward 2020 The Wege Reward is a yearly competitors that fires up game-changing services for the future by motivating college/university trainees around the globe to team up throughout institutional, disciplinary, and cultural limits to upgrade the method economies work. Individuals compete for over $30,000 in overall prize money, all while assisting to reveal the world what the future of issue fixing appear like.

The Obstacle

For Wege Reward 2020 they will be reviewing the following wicked issue: How can we develop a circular economy?

Wege Reward groups need to utilize their transdisciplinary makeup to collaboratively create and propose an option to a wicked issue of their picking that can, in turn, aid fix the wicked issue of transitioning from a direct financial design to a circular financial design. Possible services consist of, however are not restricted to:

  • Products
  • Providers
  • Companies or non-profit companies

Throughout 9 months and 4 unique stages, Wege Reward groups will grow their concepts from a casual research study strategy into a fully-developed option that can be prototyped and checked in the real life. Directed by direct feedback from competitors judges, groups will work to reassess and upgrade the method economies work by producing regenerative services that have a prevalent and enduring favorable effect.


Winning groups will divide the following awards uniformly in between their 5 members:

  • Top Place: $15,000 USD
  • 2nd Location: $10,000 USD
  • 3rd Location: $5,000 USD


Private Involvement Requirements

To be qualified to take part on a Wege Reward 2020 group, you need to:

  • Go to a college, university, or comparable organization of college throughout the world
  • Be a trainee registered in a full-time (or comparable) undergraduate or graduate program throughout of the competitors *

* Both undergraduate and graduate level trainees are qualified to contend. Groups can be made up of both undergraduate and college students if they so select.

Group Involvement Requirements

To be qualified to take part in Wege Reward 2020, groups need to:

  • Have precisely 5 members
  • Represent a minimum of 3 (3) various scholastic disciplines *
  • Represent a minimum of 2 (2) various organizations of college, such as colleges, universities, or different colleges/schools within a bigger university. (For example, an employee from Example University’s School of Engineering and an employee from Example University’s School of Earth Sciences would be thought about as representing 2 various organizations.) *

* These are the minimum requirements. Groups with the best disciplinary and institutional variety will likely have a greater likelihood of success.

Evaluating Requirements

Wege Reward judges are searching for services that attend to the imperfections of a direct financial design on a systemic level. The most effective services will:

  • Believe in systems by showing an understanding of how parts affect one another within an entire, in addition to the relationship of the entire to the parts.
  • Think about the economics and practicality of the option within natural, social, and monetary systems.
  • Maintain and improve natural capital by managing limited resource stocks and stabilizing eco-friendly resource circulations.
  • Enhance resource yields by distributing items, parts, and products at their greatest energy at all times in both technical and biological cycles.
  • Foster system efficiency by creating out waste and unfavorable externalities such as contamination, toxicity, and environment modification.


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