Application Due Date: September 30 th 2019

This is the10 th edition of WLM, an amazing accomplishment for a competitors that has actually gathered the status of “the world’s biggest open photography contest” in Guinness World Records. We are thrilled and anticipate running another effective round of including monolith( al) pictures from all over the world to Wikipedia.

Everyone can sign up with the competitors by sending a photo of a nationally signed up monolith on Wikimedia Commons prior to September 30, following the guidelines for each nation You can take part in as numerous nationwide competitors as you want. The nationwide and worldwide winning entries in WLM usually take pleasure in direct exposure by making nationwide and worldwide headings.

Wiki Enjoys Monoliths is developed on 3 basic requirements.

Initially, all pictures are easily accredited, like all other contributions to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. By allowing to the general public to share these pictures, it makes sure that the outcomes can stay extensively readily available permanently.

2nd, all pictures should include a determined monolith, e.g., a structure or art of historical significance– we need to know what heritage is on the picture, so that we can really utilize it. Each nation preserves a list of signed up historical websites that are qualified for the competitors.

Third, the picture should be published in the month of September. You are constantly welcome to contribute your photography to Wikimedia Commons, however pictures published prior to or after the month of September might not be thought about for the competitors


The nationwide juries will choose pictures for the worldwide contest, which has its own jury and awards.

In 2019, there are 10 rewards readily available for the worldwide.
contest, and 3 rewards for an unique award for Africa. These are.
noted below.

All leading-15 winners of the worldwide contest will get a.
certificate. On top of these, the following rewards will be granted to.
the worldwide winners in 2019:

  1. As Much As EUR1500 in in-kind reward *
  2. As Much As EUR1200 in in-kind reward *
  3. As Much As EUR1000 in in-kind reward *
  4. As Much As EUR800 in in-kind reward *
  5. As Much As EUR500 in in-kind reward *
  6. As Much As EUR500 in in-kind reward *
  7. As Much As EUR400 in in-kind reward *
  8. As Much As EUR400 in in-kind reward *
  9. As Much As EUR250 in in-kind reward *
  10. As Much As EUR250 in in-kind reward *

This year (2019), there are 3 unique awards readily available for pictures from African competitors:.

  1. As Much As EUR500 in in-kind reward *
  2. As Much As EUR300 in in-kind reward *
  3. As Much As EUR200 in in-kind reward *

For More Details:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the Wiki Enjoys Monuments International Image Contest 2019

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