Application Due Date: October 2, 2018

WikiIndaba Conference is the local conference for Africans both within and in the diaspora. The very first edition was kept in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014 by Wikimedia ZA, while the current edition was kept in Tunis, Tunisia in 2018 by Wikimedia TN Usergroup The 2019 edition of the conference will be hosted in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria by the Wikimedia UG Nigeria


  • Structure capability for African Wikimedians
  • Promoting development of the protection and participation of Africa in Wikimedia jobs
  • Linking African Wikimedians both within the continent and in the diaspora


  • City: Abuja, FCT
  • Date: 18, 19 and 20 January 2019
  • Location: TBD

Scholarship application due date

The due date for scholarships for travel and lodging is Second October 2018 Please keep in mind that no scholarship applications will be accepted or evaluated after this due date.

Plan for travel and lodging

The conference begins on Friday 18 th of January and ends on Sunday the 20 th of January2019 The check in to the Conference hotel will begin with Thursday 17 th and the check out on Sunday 20 th. Reservations at the Conference hotel will be made by the Wikimedia UG Nigeria LOC.

When accepted, Wikimedia UG Nigeria LOC will send you all the required files to obtain a visa if needed.

Contents of application

In this application, you will be asked to fill out the following info:

  • Concerns on conference program
  • Conference participation info
  • Individual info
  • Lodging info
  • Visa info
  • Passport and address info
  • Security of personal privacy

Conference Program

‘ These concerns are for candidates to show satisfying any or a number of requirements for scholarship and conference involvement.’

Concerns about Wikimedia and WikiIndaba

  1. In your view, what possibilities does WikiIndaba have for the Wikimedia motion? *
  2. Please call a couple of abilities, understanding, tools, or resources, that you wish to have the ability to revive house (to your regional organization/group/community).
  3. Explain your work as a Wikimedian and/or as a supporter for open culture, complimentary software application motion.
  4. Exactly what does your work concentrate on?
    1. Material production
    2. Individual recruitment/retention
    3. Raising awareness
    4. Governance
    5. Or something else? What?

Concerns about shown success (Identify WikiIndaba leaders)

  1. If you have dealt with difficulties, exactly what were they and how did you make development? For how long did it take? Did others provide you support so that you could make development or are you working alone?
  2. Are you presently dealing with difficulties? Please explain them.
  3. What have you done that others can gain from, and are you going to coach somebody?
  4. Please suggest whether you have an interest in leading or assisting in activities throughout the conference.
    1. Brief presentation/Lighting talk
    2. Training session/workshop session
    3. Sharing jobs as finding out examples in little groups.
    4. Other

Scholarship application

There is one kind of scholarship, covering an overall of 60 individuals:


To Learn More:

Go To the Authorities Web Page of the WikiIndaba conference 2019/ Scholarships

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