Due Date: September 20, 2019

The Africa-China Reporting Task at Wits Journalism, with assistance from Omidyar Network, are welcoming all reporters to send propositions for reporting grants and workshop involvement to examine problems associated with digital recognition, information personal privacy, and innovation in Africa.

The Task will supply reporting grants of approximately US$ 1,000 to effective candidates, who will likewise take part in a Digital Identity Training Workshop and the Civic Tech Development Online Forum in Johannesburg throughout the week of October 28, 2019.

Possible problems to be examined

The following styles can assist reporters to determine particular subjects for examining problems around digital identity in the African context:

  • Regional, nationwide and neighborhood government-issued IDs (e.g. plans/promises, purposes/rationales, finest practices and difficulties, public responses and experiences, lessons for and application in African nations)
  • Economic sector information practices (e.g. market techniques to information security, authorization, personal privacy policies, cyber security, information sharing, Know-Your-Customer requirements, innovation developments, compliance with guideline, breaches, charges and favorable rewards)
  • Governance, policies, openness, and responsibility (e.g. personal privacy and information security laws, CCTV/surveillance laws, requirements, standard procedures, independent oversight at local or continent-wide levels, complaint procedures, procurement procedures, lawsuits, budget plans, public engagement, gain access to and representation, information costs of rights, information trusts)
  • Innovation developments and start-up business (e.g. privacy-by-design method; “reg tech”; the guarantee of blockchain; the ramifications of biometrics, “adtech”; privacy-protecting tools; file encryption; identities traded on the dark web; de-identification; open-source code; the advantages and unintentional effects of how innovation is utilized or taken in; ethical usages of innovation and information; social credit rating algorithms; expert system to hone recognition; hacking; in your area established services; futuristic innovations not yet on the marketplace that digitally determine individuals)
  • Foreign collaborations and financiers (e.g. personal business’ information collection, information localization, African point of views on such cooperations, innovation transfers, adoption of systems initially piloted beyond Africa, Chinese companies’ AI-based recognition systems making use of CCTV and federal government ID databases)
  • Advancement and security programs and human rights (e.g. information for great, addition, discrimination-by-design, IDs for migrants and refugees, citizenship/immigration problems, humanitarian crises, links to hardship reduction and youth empowerment, African point of views on the liberties made it possible for or jeopardized by a digital identity)
  • Dangers and damages (e.g. usage of identity info that leads to monitoring, exemption, control, discrimination, injustice, violence, monetary loss and track record problems, suspect and power imbalances)
  • Patterns and research study (e.g. emerging problems and utilize cases throughout neighborhoods, increase of self-asserted IDs, client choices, rely on organizations, breaches and identity theft, scams, innovation failure)
  • Personal privacy and user control (e.g. an African viewpoint on personal privacy, personal privacy as a basic right/public great vs. fee-based service, customer rights, the commercialisation of our identities, dealing with African information as an African resource, experiences with information ownership, Africa-based information agents/fiduciaries)


  • Open to all reporters who provide Africa-focused propositions. Candidates require not always have previous reporting experience in this location.


Applications need to be sent out to [email protected] by no behind September 20, 2019, and must include the following (just files in MS Word or PDF formats will be accepted):

  • Candidate CV
  • Short proposition describing (a) story to be examined with clear heading; story significance and significance, (b) examination approach, (c) proposed publication/platform, and (d) itemised budget plan amounting to no greater than US$ 1,000
  • List of formerly released reporting

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