Due Date: January 18, 2019

Applications are open for the World Bank Group/International Competitors Network (ICN) Competitors Advocacy Contest 2018-2019 The contest intends to highlight the essential function competitors firms, sector regulators and other governmental bodies or non governmental companies play in promoting competitors by showcasing their advocacy success stories.

As specified by the ICN, competitors advocacy describes activities that promote a competitive environment through non-enforcement systems, such as constructing relationships with federal government entities, increasing public awareness of competitors’s advantages and recognizing and getting rid of anticompetitive policies and guidelines.

Thematic Locations

They are trying to find success stories from competitors firms, other public bodies or civil society that show the concrete outcomes of competitors advocacy concerning:

  • Style 1: Comprehending the results of competitors policy on hardship and inequality in both establishing and established nations: Increased competitors can favorably affect the well-being of less rich homes in their function as customers, manufacturers, and workers. Nevertheless, the relationship in between competitors and hardship is complicated and not constantly uncomplicated. Competitors authorities and other appropriate stakeholders might carry out advocacy efforts to comprehend the results of competitors on inequality and hardship and to describe to the federal government and the general public how competitors policy can add to relieve hardship and inequality.
  • Style 2: Promoting competitors as a tool to the battle versus corruption and for an equivalent playing field amongst public and personal gamers: More powerful market competitors can be an effective tool to eliminate corruption. Pro-competitive procurement guidelines in state-owned business (SOEs) and other guidelines that ensure competitive neutrality can lower the danger of corruption and prevent quote rigging. In addition to the clear links in between the battle versus quote rigging and corruption in tender procedures, intense competitors offers rivals the reward to keep an eye on and report unlawful habits in their markets, consisting of those connected with corruption.
  • Style 3: Engaging with public and personal stakeholders to much better comprehend competitors difficulties presented by quick altering market characteristics: Competitors authorities can be proactive and promote activities, likewise together with public and personal stakeholders, to learn more about making use of huge information, blockchain, artificial intelligence, expert system, in addition to ramifications of these brand-new innovations in locations besides competitors (e.g., for labor markets) in the brand-new gig-economy.
  • Style 4: Promoting competitive digital facilities, digital platforms and digital financing: Providers in the digital economy need competitors at different levels of the worth chain: at the facilities and allowing innovation level (e.g. ICT), at the digital platform level and at the supreme service sector level. Financing is a crucial service to foster financial advancement and digital financing is among the sectors with numerous current regulative advancements that might gain from a pro-competition style.


  • Competitors firms, sector regulators and other federal government and non-government bodies promoting competitors policy are welcome to use;-LRB- ****************).
  • Stories sent to previous editions of the contest that were not granted are qualified for resubmission.

Choice Process

Submissions will go through an extensive evaluation of the following requirements:

  • Significance of the competitors problem taken on by the effort;-LRB- ****************).
  • Success of the advocacy activity– results accomplished;-LRB- ****************).
  • Effect and results on markets, spillover results and lessons discovered;-LRB- ****************).
  • Advocacy method– imagination and creativity, cooperation systems released.


Sent stories should consist of:

  • Summary;-LRB- ****************).
  • The competitors problem under evaluation;-LRB- ****************).
  • The method utilized to resolve the competitors problem;-LRB- ****************).
  • The primary messages and suggestions communicated by the activity;-LRB- ****************).
  • The outcomes of the effort;-LRB- ****************).
  • The real or anticipated socioeconomic effects of the effort.

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