Application Due Date: Thursday 15 November at 12 twelve noon EST.

WCSJ2019 and the WFSJ are happy to use International Travel Fellowships for participants from all around the world. These fellowships are planned to make it possible for those who otherwise might not address join us at the World Conference of Science Reporters (WCSJ) in Lausanne, Switzerland (1-5 July 2019).


Anybody who actively composes, modifies or produces science news, info or commentary for an independent media, working as personnel worker or independent reporter, or belongs to one nationwide Member Association coming from WFSJ, and who usually would be not able to participate in the Conference without monetary help.


The fellowship will cover the following:

  • flight (economy air travel will be reserved and acquired by WCSJ2019)
  • regional transport to and from the airport
  • visa cost
  • lodging on website (reserved by WCSJ2019 Might be as much as 5 nights or perhaps 6 nights if you accept share a space with another beneficiary)
  • registration cost fot the WCSJ2019
  • if required, little daily (covering some meals not offered by the conference and some little costs)

Workshop Jacobs Structure

Requirements to get a travel grant connected to this workshop

  1. Speak english with complete confidence

  2. Go to the workshop for the complete day

  3. Originate from among the list below nations:

  4. It will be gotten out of each beneficiary to offer an article/post for the Structure’s blog site ( connected to the broad subject of “discovering and advancement”, and more exactly dealing with among our 4 STRONG pillars, specifically “The knowing person”– “Knowing contexts”– “Knowing innovations” and “The knowing society”.

Each kid is distinct. Offering reliable assistance for kids and teenagers needs an understanding of how they establish and find out. Research study plays a vital function in the advancement, assessment, enhancement and dissemination of interventions and programs to benefit kids and youths.

Scientists might quickly have the ability to inform us how to customize education to kids’s specific requirements, taking into consideration biological, social and financial distinctions in addition to distinctions in their childhood. This would be a historical advancement, and would assist to conquer drawbacks that can impact kids for a life time. A variety of disciplines– psychology, neurobiology, evolutionary biology, pediatrics, education, behavioral genes, computer technology and human-computer interaction– require to be associated with this undertaking.

From an interaction point of view the tough concern is: How and to which level can look into in education science be equated into science journalism?

For More Details:

See the Authorities Website of the World Conference of Science Reporters 2019 Travel Fellowship


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