Application Due Date: April 30, 2019 at 12 midnight Eastern Requirement Time (EST).


In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly chose that, as from 2009, June 8 would be designated by the United Nations as “ World Oceans Day”(resolution 63/111, paragraph 171). The UN classification of World Oceans Day is a chance to raise international awareness of the existing difficulties dealt with by the global neighborhood in connection with the oceans– and become part of the options.

World Oceans Day motivates you to make a.
distinction in your life, neighborhood, and world by acting to.
secure our ocean– for present and future generations
In spite of.
the big difficulties dealing with the world’s ocean, by interacting we.
can attain a healthy ocean that attends to the billions of people,.
plants and animals which depend on it every day.

For the 6th year running, you can share the charm and value of the ocean through your pictures.

The Contest

Photography is an effective medium to communicate a sensation or a message. This open and complimentary picture competitors looks for to influence the production of images recording the charm, the difficulties and the value of the ocean and mankind’s relation to it, wanting to add to actions to protect it.

The picture competitors has 7 thematic classifications open for photographic submissions:

  1. Gender and Oceans NEW!
  2. Undersea Seascapes
  3. Undersea Life
  4. Above Water Seascapes
  5. Human Interaction: Making a Distinction
  6. Tidy Our Ocean: Images associating with the ocean that reveal the favorable or unfavorable effects of human disturbance above or listed below the waterline
  7. Youth: Open classification, any picture of the ocean– listed below or above the surface area (photographed by an individual under 18 years of age since 1 May 2019)


images will be acknowledged at the United Nations on Friday, June 7,.
throughout the United Nations’ occasion marking World Oceans Day2019


Acknowledgment and diffusion of the winning images and.
finalists will be commonly exposed throughout the contest sites, the.
media and the info products connected to subsequent competitors.

Winning pictures have actually been printed for exhibits.
all over the world. In 2016, one winning picture was likewise picked to be.
utilized as the cover of the First Global Integrated Marine Evaluation.

Contest Guidelines

  • The contest is open to entrants of all ability levels.
  • Image contest personnel and judges are not enabled to go into the contest.
  • Winners will be revealed on June 7, 2019 in New.
    York, on the event of the marking of World Oceans Day at the UN, and.
    released on soon later on.
  • Entries might have been drawn from any video camera, digital or movie (as scanned slides).
  • Preservation guidelines will be strictly observed
    Plants and animals must never ever be stressed out or threatened for the sake of a.
    picture. Entries thought of including the following habits will be.

    • Photographers noticeably harming the environment (e.g., equipment dragging or kicking up sand, scuba divers showing bad buoyancy control)
    • Animals with indications of tension (e.g., puffed puffers, inking octopus)
    • Animals transferred to an abnormal environment or dangerous area
    • Marine life being touched or put (e.g., nudibranchs, coral polyps, seahorse tails)

For More Details:

See the Authorities Website of the World Oceans Day Image Competitors 2019

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