The WSA Young Innovators is an unique call within the structure of WSA, that promotes and grants young social business owners. The WSA Young Innovators is an unique acknowledgment for youths under 26 years of age, utilizing ICTs to act on the United Nations Sustainable Advancement Goals ( UN SDGs).

Together with the WSA winners of each year, they are honored as impressive digital development with social effect


Qualified for young people of all UN member states, WSA Young.
Innovators is open to every start-up, social business owner, NGO, trainee.
or private!

  • Submissions for the WSA Young Innovators can include all mobile and web-based jobs, such as: apps, websites, applications for wearables, kiosk setups, SMS based items, video games and interactive productions. There is no restriction concerning the platforms or channels the jobs deal with.
  • All submissions need to be introduced items. No drafts, concepts or incomplete jobs can be accepted.


  • Participating in the WSA Young Innovators contest is qualified through.
    submission of a job with a clear digital part to the WSA.
  • Just sent and totally completed applications will be thought about by the WSA Young Innovators Jury.
  • All details gone into in the application of the WSA Database need to remain in English.
  • Main employee of the jobs sent need to be under 26 years of age (born upon or after January 1, 1993).
  • The timeline is the very same as the WSA Global
  • A particularly put together Jury will assess all entries.

*** CONTINENTAL PRE-SELECTION EU & MENA: WSA’s sis award, the European Youth Award will act as the main pre-qualification for Europe and the MENA area
The EYA Online Jury will assess all services and the very best 10-17
services will be presented to the WSA Global Young Innovators Jury,.
picking then the 5 WSA Young Innovators 2019.

This is the initial step for WSA to carry out local Youth efforts in all areas.


The WSA Young Innovators Award is an open call
The involvement in the WSA Young Innovators is open to any.
business owner, business, trainee group or task group– a minimum of among.
the charter member and most of the group need to be under the age of 26(born upon or after January 1, 1993).

youth doing something about it on the SDG’s|strictly for individuals under 26

The WSA Young Innovators call is qualified for jobs that:

  • Are established by young innovators under the age of 26
  • Deal digital services to any of the UN Sustainable Advancement Goals
  • Provide content-rich digital services to the user consisting of people, services, and organisations
  • have a strong digital part: sites, apps, SMS based services, IoT, wearables and so on
  • are market prepared or currently introduced on the marketplace– no concepts or principles are qualified

For More Details:

Go To the Authorities Website of the World Top Award (WSA) 2019

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