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Applications for the Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) Momentum Program 2021 are now open. The YSI Momentum program is based on the new platform by YSI Global with the goal of creating momentum for early-stage entrepreneurs. This is a remote program where startups goes through the program themselves.

YSI has made a platform for entrepreneurs, that aims to provide the tasks and knowledge in the stage you are at, at this moment. The goal of the platform is to create momentum for early-stage entrepreneurs, give them actionable tools built into the platform, and a community to learn from, collaborate with, and create forward momentum with.

The Momentum program is a program with the only goal of providing you with tools to help yourself and your team move forward on the tasks that are important to you. While it is self-paced, you will have:

  • Access to peer-to-peer sessions.
  • Access to live sessions about the startup process, how to utilize the platform, marketing, and more.


  • Knowledge, skills and tools
    • Acquire the skills, knowledge and tools you need to move forward. You will have access to peer-to-peer sessions and live sessions about the startup process, how to utilize the platform, marketing, and more.
  • Perks
    • Access to the YSI – Innovation Engine platform for free, the first 6 months
    • Access to a world-class community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Access to YSI global network
    • Perks for everyone (AWS, IBM credits, Miro credits, Hubspot etc)
  • Support and Community
    • Get access to a world-class community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Connect with and learn from a community of peers and mentors.
  • Prizes
    • $500 to top 3 who made the biggest leap (based on work done)
    • The top 3 and the10 most active in the community and on the platform over the duration of the program will get paid marketing ads.
  • Access to the YSI- Innovation Engine Platform
    • You will get access to the YSI platform for entrepreneurs for free the first 6 months. Its goal is to create momentum for early-stage entrepreneurs.


  • Open to all early stage startups. The platform allows you to start from the phase you are in, whether you are starting from scratch with no idea but have thoughts of what area to look at, identifying a problem, starting to build a team, coming up with ideas, testing your ideas or even trying to get to market.
  • Application may be from anywhere in the world.


There are two programs that start at different times you can be part of.
You choose in the application form which one to join (you can also choose both):

  • Program 1: August 25 – September 10
  • Program 2: September 27 – October 13

The application process consists of one round. They will pick between 30-50 startups who are eligible for the two programs. The ones who are not picked will still get access to the platform on October 15, with a 1-month free trial.

Click here to apply

For more information, visit YSI Momentum Program.

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